From The Washington Monthly, a special section on the future of success — jobs are not enough. Millions of Americans need to change careers — why are we making it so hard? The triumph of the family farm: Farming is in the midst of a startling renaissance — one that holds lessons for America’s economic future. Peter Diamond and Emmanuel Saez on why high tax rates won't slow growth. Is the American public's distaste for taxation irrational? Now is not the time to hate the state: Many Americans are in denial about their dependence on social spending. Dead hand of the living wage: Richard A. Epstein on how mandating a minimum income would only distort costs and gum up the labor market. Without unions we are screwed, so change is needed: Glenn Reed on a reminder of the benefits of union. A review of America’s Economic Way of War: War and the U.S. Economy from the Spanish-American War to the Persian Gulf War by Hugh Rockoff. The Leisure Gap: Why don’t Americans take vacations? (and more at Dissent) From Solidarity, Dan La Botz on the (im)balance of forces in American society.