A new issue of the International Journal of Zizek Studies is out. Nathan Van Camp (Antwerp): From Biopower to Psychopower: Bernard Stiegler's Pharmacology of Mnemotechnologies. Lauren Guilmette (Emory): Reading Butler Reading Beauvoir Reading Sade: On Ethics and Eros. Jonathan Kemp (Birkbeck): The Genealogy of Beefcake: Or, Having Your Beefcake and Eating It Too. Illan Rua Wall (Oxford Brookes): A Different Constituent Power: Agamben and Tunisia. From darkmatter, a special issue on Im-possible Derrida. Justice and otherness: A review of Elements pour une ethique de la vulnerabilite by Corine Pelluchon. A review of The Work of Giorgio Agamben: Law, Literature, Life. A review of Levinas and the Postcolonial: Race, Nation, Other by John E. Drabinski. A review of The Adventure of French Philosophy by Alain Badiou. From Figure/Ground Communication, an interview with Simon Critchley (and more at Political Theology). A review of Bubbles: Spheres I by Peter Sloterdijk. A review of The Philosophy of Heidegger by Michael Watts. A review of The Philosophy of Sartre by Anthony Hatzimoysis. Clothing Degree Zero: A review of Travels in China by Roland Barthes.