A new issue of Common Ground is out. Kim Yuracko (Northwestern): Soul of a Woman: The Sex Stereotyping Prohibition at Work. Tom Ginsburg and Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez (Chicago) and Mila Versteeg (Virginia): When to Overthrow Your Government: The Right to Resist in the World's Constitutions. A review of The Philosophy of Human Evolution by Michael Ruse. A look at how Norway led the way in gender quota success. From Coast Guard Compass, the series “Life of a service dog” focuses on Nathan, as he goes from a clumsy puppy to a focused service animal ready to serve our nation’s veterans. I, Nephi: Adam Gopnick on Mormonism and its meanings. Francis Fukuyama on how the HBO television series The Wire, which aired between 2002 and 2008, brought Americans face-to-face with the stubborn and disturbing reality of inner-city life.