Steven G. Calabresi and Larissa Price (Northwestern): Monopolies and the Constitution: A History of Crony Capitalism. From The Public Eye, a forum on the "hate" frame in policy, politics and organizing. From the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, here is a study on being in a relationship that others disapprove of. Pyramid Insurance: Why are multilevel-marketing companies making big donations to state attorney-general candidates? Scott McLemee reviews Lone Wolf Terror and the Rise of Leaderless Resistance by George Michael. From RealClearBooks, Mark Judge on why the New Criterion should rock. A desire for higher social status drives pundits to confidently make presidential predictions despite a lousy track record, researchers say. In the late eighties, Jane Pratt practically defined Gen X's confessional voice; now 49, she's den mother to Sassy's journalistic progeny.