Paul Muldoon

Time magazine has hired critic and editor Jessica Winter to be Arts Editor for the print publication and website.

The late David Foster Wallace’s annotated self-help books are a minor but revealing component of the Harry Ransom Center’s impressive Wallace collection. What can we learn about Wallace from studying his marginalia in books like The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller? The Awl’s Maria Bustillo visits the Ransom archives and finds many telling clues, including this underlined passage in Miller’s volume, marked “Amherst [19]80-85” by Wallace: “Such a [gifted] person is usually able to ward off threatening depression with increased displays of brilliance, thereby deceiving both himself and those around him.”

Tonight at the Russian Samovar, the FSG Reading Series continues, celebrating national poetry month with an event featuring former poet laureate Robert Pinsky and Irish poet Paul Muldoon.

More than one hundred letters by Franz Kafka have been jointly purchased by the Bodleian Library and a rival institution, the German Literary Archive in Marbach. The arrangement governing how the correspondence will be shared between the two institutions has not been announced: We can only hope that researchers will not feel like the protagonist in The Castle while trying to gain access to the materials.