Albert Camus, via The Guardian

Baltimore’s Edgar Allen Poe house has lost public funding and may soon have to close; that is, unless a series of Poe-inspired movies (John Cusack in ‘The Raven,’ anyone?) can help revive the late author’s legacy.

Today in conspiracy theories: Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera claims that the car crash that killed Albert Camus might have been orchestrated by the KGB in order to stop the Algerian intellectual from finishing a book critical of the Soviet Union.

Is it sexist or just offensive? Michele Bachmann says she still hasn’t seen Newsweek’s controversial new cover, which features an especially bad photo of the Tea Party presidential hopeful, as well as the title “The Queen of Rage.” Meanwhile, the The New Yorker runs Ryan Lizza’s excellent profile of Bachmann.

After a Missouri high school banned Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five from its library and curriculum for being so dirty that it could “make a sailor blush with shame," Vonnegut’s memorial library has responded by giving away 150 free copies of the book to Republic High students.

How did you get started writing, Luc Sante?