Chad Harbach, author of The Art of Fielding

In February, Melville House will reissue Renata Adler's long-out-of-print Speedboat and Pitch Dark, reminding us that Adler, now best known for trashing her New Yorker colleague Pauline Kael, was also a formidable novelist and stylist. Reviewing Speedboat, John Leonard wrote: "Nobody in this country writes better prose than Renata Adler's."

n+1 editor Chad Harbach’s anticipated debut novel, The Art of Fielding has received rave reviews from Judith Shulevitz at Slate and Michiko Kakutani at The New York Times.

The Guardian has published a short work of fiction by Geoff Dyer, in which the author ponders September 11, death, and the Burning Man festival: “When you wake up in the morning the world is as you find it. What's happened in the night is history or dream. That's the only way I can account for the weird feeling that I sort of missed 9/11.”

At The Atlantic, Sarah Horowitz is writing a series of posts about freelancers, the industrial revolution of our time, and the "post-cubicle economy."

The American author Bill Bryson steps into British politics by opposing government plans to re-write environmental planning laws.

Amazon launches @author—an an “author-focused community page” that lets writers connect with their readers.