Tom McCarthy's desktop.

Frank Miller, the author of numerous Marvel comic books and the director of “Sin City,” recently called participants in the OWS movement “a pack of louts” and “pond scum.” Some were outraged, but Rick Moody says it’s no surprise—Miller’s outburst is part of a long history of cinematic propaganda.

Eighteen dioceses of the Catholic Church are putting German publishing giant Weltbild up for sale after the revelation that it was selling "soft porn."

Edan Lepucki gives eight compelling reasons for why she doesn’t want to self-publish.

The New York Times has announced its 11th Arts & Leisure Weekend, which will take place January 5 through 8 and will feature authors Patricia Cornwell and Eroll Morris.

Historian Niall Ferguson has threatened to sue the London Review of Books for a scathing write-up by Pankaj Mishra accusing Ferguson of penning “white people’s histories” that betray “a mood, at once swaggering, frustrated, vengeful and despairing, among men of a certain age, class and education on the Upper East Side and the West End.”

The Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology has just added a hundred pages of poetry from all over the world.

Never mind his desk: Tom McCarthy takes The Guardian on a tour of his desktop. “I don't have a desktop image,” he explains. “It's best to write against nothing, rather than something. Just having white, pure white, is seductive. Anyone who's ever pissed on snow will understand this.”