Caitlin Flanagan

Amazon is going into business with “America’s favorite librarian” Nancy Peal by launching a Book Lust Rediscoveries line dedicated to bringing back her favorite out-of-print books. Meanwhile, indie bookstores are battling Amazon by going into publishing, and Salon’s Laura Miller resolves to give up her Amazon habit in 2012.

Rumor has it that Apple’s January 19th press event (which will be held at the Guggenheim) is going to be about about the future of e-books, and specifically, “textbooks. Ebooks. E-textbooks.”

Evan Hughes explains why James Franco’s Hart Crane biopic is boring—in spite of Crane’s melodramatic life.

The Awl has launched a curated music video web-station. So much for work.

“Joan Didion’s crime,” Caitlin Flanagan writes at the Atlantic, “artistic and personal—is the one of which all of us will eventually be convicted: she got old. Her writing got old, her perspective got old, her bag of tricks didn’t work anymore." To see Flanagan get a dose of her own medicine, read Heather Havrilesky on Flanagan’s new book, Girl Land, in our winter issue.