The Uffington White Horse

New Yorkers, come to the Union Square Barnes and Noble tonight to hear Eileen Myles, Laurie Weeks, Barbara Browning, Vivien Goldman, Johanna Fateman, and Justin Vivian Bond read from the new Feminist Press book Pussy Riot! A Punk Prayer for Freedom. For more on l’affaire Pussy Riot, read Sara Marcus’s consideration of the book.

Alan Hollinghurst talks to the blog Gilded Birds about the Uffington White Horse, a prehistoric hill figure in south eastern England and the “first work of art [he] can remember.”

Colm Toibin is teaming up with German director Volker Schlöndorff to co-write a screenplay for an original film called Montauk. Schlöndorff initially approached Toibin with the outline of an idea, and Toibin returned with twenty pages of material. “Colm and I wrote this four-handed, literally, and now we’re finishing it via Skype. The odd thing is we both consider it 100% autobiographical, each one of us,” Schlöndorff said. Montauk is expected to be in theaters next winter.

Twitter communities are graciously stepping up to help former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner name his forthcoming book about fighting the financial crisis. Our favorites so far: “Heart of TARPness” and “The Goldman and the Sea.”

A new study out of Virginia Tech argues that "scholars and health officials should be concerned about the effect chick lit novels might have on women's body image."

Jamaica Kincaid insists that she did not base her new novel on her marriage to former husband Allen Shawn: “I wanted to write about the life of children and the lives of their parents without everyone thinking it was about me and my children and their life,” she said. “And of course, everyone thinks it is. It is not. I maintain it is not.”