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Naomi Klein sells new book about climate crisis

Naomi Klein has sold her new book, On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal, to Simon and Schuster for a “rumored high six-figure sum.” According to the publisher, Klein’s new study concerns the “urgency of the climate crisis, as well as the fiery energy of a rising political movement demanding a transformational Green New Deal.”

The new Center for Fiction, long housed at the Mercantile Library in Manhattan, is moving to Brooklyn. According to Noreen Tomassi, the Center’s executive director, the new space will not only support writers and literary events but also foster a literary community: “It was important to create a space that’s not only a bookstore, not only an auditorium, not only a writers’ studio, not only a place where you can have a drink and sit on the terrace, but a space where you can do all of those things so it’s an integrated experience centered around their love of fiction. People need spaces like that, public spaces. That’s why houses of literature in Europe are so important. I just went to one in Rome, and I was knocked out by it, because people are there writing, there are books to read, there’s a library, there’s an incredible festival every year and it’s a place where like-minded people feel at home.”

The Library of America has released the cover image for its first volume of Joan Didion’s writing, which is due out in November.

Victor LaValle, the editor of the just-released anthology of speculative fiction A People's Future of the United States, recommends five of his favorite recent books.