From Daedalus, Martha Nussbaum (Chicago): Toward a globally sensitive patriotism; Craig Calhoun (SSRC): Cosmopolitanism in the modern social imaginary; Seyla Benhabib (Yale): The legitimacy of human rights; Darrin McMahon (FSU): Fear & trembling, strangers & strange lands; Samuel Scheffler (NYU): Cosmopolitanism justice & institutions; Rogers Smith (Penn): Paths to a more cosmopolitan human condition; Margaret Jacob (UCLA): The cosmopolitan as a lived category; Pheng Cheah (UC-Berkeley): What is a world? On world literature as world-making activity; A. A. Long (UC-Berkeley): The concept of the cosmopolitan in Greek & Roman thought; and Helena Rosenblatt (Hunter): Rousseau, the anticosmopolitan? From The Nation, a review of The World Is What It Is: The Authorized Biography of V.S. Naipaul by Patrick French (and more by Ian Buruma and more by James Wood and more and more; and more from Bookforum). James Baldwin and V.S. Naipaul, America made the difference: An excerpt from The Men in My Life by Vivian Gornick (and more from Bookforum). From TLS, after the credit crunch, the arts crunch? Hyperbole and boosterism have obscured the sad truth about the so-called renaissance of the arts; and there have always been reporters, but will there always be professionals?: A review of Eyewitness to History by Robert Fox.

From TNR, why Slavoj Zizek is the most despicable philosopher in the West: A review of In Defense of Lost Causes and Violence. From Havel to Habermas: An article on Central Europe's missing political philosophy. From THES, a review of Salsa Dancing into the Social Sciences: Research in the Age of Info-Glut by Kristin Luker; and footnotes and fancy-free: We should teach PhD students how to balance the conflicting demands of scholarship and dissemination. George Will reviews Stanley Fish's Save the World on Your Own Time. From NYRB, Paul Krugman on what to do about the financial crisis; and Elizabeth Drew on the truth about the election. What is the meaning of Obama's election? Ted Honderich wants to know. Are Democratic presidents good for stocks? The Numbers Guy investigates. Conservative complicity: A review of “Civil Rights and the Conservative Movement”. A review of Daughters of India: Art and Identity by Stephen P. Huyler. From The Atlantic, Robert D. Kaplan on the Hindu-Muslim tensions festering within India. Can terrorism halt India's global rise? Samanth Subramanian on the changing face of Indian terrorism. Know your enemy: Applying the lessons of 9/11 to Mumbai. Truth or consequences?: Why can't we hold torturers accountable and still find out the truth? Fred Kaplan on Rumsfeld's snow job: The former defense secretary's revisionist op-ed.