Charles B. B. Blankart (Humboldt): An Economic Theory of Switzerland. Robert A. Kahn (St. Thomas): The Acquittal of Geert Wilders and Dutch Political Culture. Vincenzo Memoli (Milan): Government, Scandals and Political Support in Italy. The first chapter from The Liberty of Servants: Berlusconi's Italy by Maurizio Viroli. Secrets of Sardinia: Life, death and rebirth amongst the mysterious Nuragic peoples of ancient Sardinia. As the continent’s governments drift to the center-right, Denmark is a liberal holdout — on paper, at least. Is it over for Catholic Ireland? The deteriorating relationship between the Vatican and the Irish state is good news for the Republic. White melancholia: Tobias Hubinette and Catrin Lundstrom on mourning the loss of "Good old Sweden". Sangre: Menorca may not be known for producing great thinkers, but that overlooks Albert Camus's Balearic blood. The first chapter from The French Way: How France Embraced and Rejected American Values and Power by Richard F. Kuisel. Europe's Facebook Fascists: Populist parties are sweeping the continent and Facebook — it's time we took them seriously. Legacy of denial: It's time to stop pretending — Freya Klier on the radical right in East Germany. A review of Burned Bridge: How the East and West Germans Made the Iron Curtain by Edith Sheffer. Now defunct by just over two decades, the border between the two Germanys already seems like a surreal relic from a much more distant past. Is Europe a mess because Germans work hard and Greeks are lazy? Alexander the Great or a warrior on a horse: Lookalike statue reignites debate with Greece over Macedonian name as Skopje locals dismiss works as nationalistic kitsch.

A new issue of the Journal of Social Inclusion is out. Susy Frankel (Victoria): The Mismatch of Geographical Indications and Innovative Traditional Knowledge. "We go to sleep and drown our sorrows in consumption": An interview with Roberto Unger on the tragic narrowing of political imagination and the need to generate change without crisis. A review of George F. Kennan: An American Life by John Lewis Gaddis (and more and more and more and more and more and more and more). It was the most elaborate fallout shelter of them all: A once-secret bunker hidden under the luxurious Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia. Mary Eberstadt reviews A Point in Time: The Search for Redemption in this Life and the Next by David Horowitz (and more). A.C. Grayling reviews Socrates: A Man for Our Times by Paul Johnson. From Vanity Fair, from fashion to housewares, are we in a decades-long design rut? Underlying all donations is a mystery: Why do we give at all? David Ker Thomson on the five dumbest reasons not to support the Occupy movement. A review of The Statues that Walked: Unraveling the Mystery of Easter Island by Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo. A review of One Nation Under Sex: How the Private Lives of Presidents, First Ladies and Their Lovers Changed the Course of American History by Larry Flynt and David Eisenbach. Joanne Mariner on the gap between human rights scholars and human rights professionals. The first chapter from Strings Attached: Untangling the Ethics of Incentives by Ruth W. Grant. A recent Camelot book boomlet can’t help but raise comparisons between JFK and the president once considered his heir, but the most powerful force linking Kennedy and Obama might actually be the reactionary rage that engulfed their presidencies.

A new issue of Armed Forces Journal is out. Deborah N. Pearlstein (Cardozo): The Soldier, the State, and the Separation of Powers. Unfair advantages: Selling asymmetric war at the Unmanned Vehicle Systems Trade Show. From Military Review, a special issue on the Profession of Arms. Getting there is half the battle: Strategic, operational and tactical mobility for U.S. ground forces presents problems more fundamental than any anti-access and area denial efforts by our adversaries. A review of Top Secret America: The Rise of the New American Security State by Dana Priest and William M. Arkin (and more). America’s secret empire of drone bases: A ground-breaking investigation examines the most secret aspect of America's shadowy drone wars and maps out a world of hidden bases dotting the globe. Just warriors: Since mercenaries can serve both good and evil, why are they universally condemned? Why Army officers must write: If the Army wants better thinkers, it should start by educating better writers. The American Way of War: Victor Davis Hanson on five books that examine national security and the technology of death. The New Interventionism: How Obama is changing the way the United States wages war. Special Forces equals Green Berets — got it? A report finds the military blew $1 trillion on weapons since 9/11. A look at how the US military is teaching foreign students that liberals subverted America's Judeo-Christian heritage. As the Marine Corps resets itself after more than 10 years of large-scale combat, Marines will likely find themselves deploying more to exotic locations. A look at 5 soldiers who kicked ass in the face of death (and logic).