Sylvie Maurer (Savoy): Former British Colony: Mauritians in the Face of Globalisation. From Island Studies Journal, Elaine Stratford (Tasmania), Godfrey Baldacchino (UPEI), Elizabeth McMahon (UNSW), Carol Farbotko (Wollongong), and Andrew Harwood (Tasmania): Envisioning the Archipelago; and Owe Ronstrom (Gotland): In or On? Island Words, Island Worlds. Martin W. Lewis on divided islands, large and small. Who bit my border? You probably don’t think much about the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Sara Morrison's dream vacation spot is an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but this island is not tropical and gorgeous — it's called Tristan da Cunha, and it's the most isolated inhabited place in the world. From World Island Information, here is a list of misinformation about islands; and an article on starting your own island country: “[It] requires an island, and citizens, and there difficulties begin”. Although many utopian societies seem doomed from the outset, the Republic of Minerva was up against a unique challenge: creating a libertarian micro-nation on reclaimed reefs in the Pacific Ocean, when the land already had an owner.

A new issue of GeoJournal of Tourism and Geosites is out. From Cultural Studies Review, a special issue on The Death Scene: Perspectives on Mortality. From Europe’s Voice, could the euro destroy the EU? Only “more Europe” can avoid a deeper crisis; and Rob de Wijk on the geopolitical consequences of crisis in Europe Summer 2012. The jury is out on the euro: Severe mismanagement by European politicians has caused damage that will last for decades. Save us from the saviours: Slavoj Zizek on Europe and the Greeks. In defense of Chris Hayes: The MSNBC host is getting beat up for remarks he made about the heroism of American soldiers — really, his critics are the ones who should be apologizing. Monsters are born, not made: the latest round in the debate about criminal responsibility questions the very existence of intuitive morality. Statistical extrapolation doesn’t really apply in my case, because I’m not a statistic: Special Snowflake Syndrome could be re-characterized as “Thinking Like a Properly Socialized American”. The art world is divided into people who either passionately love Balthus's paintings or else are offended by them.

From the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Jennifer Katz (Geneseo), Vanessa Tirone (Tennessee), and Erika van der Kloet (Geneseo): Moving In and Hooking Up: Women’s and Men’s Casual Sexual Experiences During the First Two Months of College. From Touchstone, man up, lady down: Perry L. Glanzer on the demise of ladies and gentlemen in higher education. From Christianity Today, the missing factor in higher education: A cover story on how Christian universities are unique, and how they can stay that way; and Jocelyn Green on how five small Christian schools are adapting to the new environment. From Academe, Matthew Woessner on rethinking the plight of conservatives in higher education: Findings that run against the grain of assumptions; and the essays in Military Culture and Education are a collective effort to “bridge the gap between the academy and the military”. From The New Yorker, there are no walls between Stanford and Silicon Valley — should there be?; and Nicholas Lemann on the cost of college: Is the higher-education bubble about to pop?