From Common-place, a review of Before the Revolution: America's Ancient Pasts by Daniel K. Richter; a review of The Politics of Fashion in Eighteenth-Century America by Kate Haulman; and a review of The Revolutionary Generation, Nature, and the Shaping of the American Nation by Andrea Wulf. Daniel Wickberg on the present and future of American intellectual history. A review of What WE Have Done: An Oral History of the Disability Rights Movement by Fred Pelka. From Boston Review, a forum on the Port Huron Statement at 50. Battleground America: Jill Lepore on the insanity of our gun laws. A look at the the most hilariously paranoid things you can buy on the NRA website. What ever happened to the American arcade? The last tower: Ben Auten on the decline and fall of public housing. Michael J. Lewis on the decline of American monuments and memorials. Robert Moffit on why Congress must confront the administrative state. How Americans lost trust in our greatest institutions: It's not just Washington — across the country, citizens' faith in their city halls, newspapers, and churches is fading.

A new issue of the Journal of Conflictology is out. Patrick Baert (Cambridge) and Alan Shipman (Open): Transforming the Intellectual. From News and Letters, a special issue on counter-revolution's rise and the need for a total philosophy. The Celtic Mind: Bradley J. Birzer on how Adam Smith and Edmund Burke saved civilization. Has there ever been any survey conducted among those who lock themselves in the bathroom inquiring how they spend their time? Charles Simic wants to know. White supremacy ideology and corporate control: Keith Harmon Snow challenges the use and abuse of the "Genocide" label to expose the Western involvement, manipulation and propaganda behind war crimes, crimes against humanity, mass rape, and policies that promote ethnic divisions, poverty and starvation. Legalize Skyscrapers: Washington, D.C.’s height restrictions are bad for the nation’s capital and terrible for America. Meet Jason Silva, the fast-talking, media-savvy "performance philosopher" who wants you to love the ecstatic future of your mind. Ouiser Boudreaux on the most awful dudes in online dating in the whole world, trying to seduce you by telling you that you're a bitch.

Chris Heathwood (Colorado): Could Morality Have a Source? D. Gene Witmer (Florida): On Making Everything Boring. The inaugural issue of Thought: A Journal of Philosophy is free online. From Synthesis Philosophica, a special issue on Questions of Identity. From the Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy, Alexander George (Amherst): Opening the Door to Cloud-Cuckoo-Land: Hempel and Kuhn on Rationality. A review of A Brief History of Justice by David Johnston. From Kant Studies Online, Luigi Caranti (Catania): The One Possible Basis for the Proof of the Existence of the External World: Kant’s Anti-Sceptical Argument in the 1781 Fourth Paralogism. The first chapter from Logic: The Laws of Truth by Nicholas J. J. Smith. Plastic Surgery for the Monadology: Graham Harman on fascinating points of similarity and difference between Leibniz's Monadology and Heidegger's “The Thing”, two of the greatest short works in the history of philosophy. Philosophy's Western bias: Not even ancient Greece can claim to be the true home of philosophy — so why do we persist in our Eurocentric delusion?