Sara Aronchick Solow and Barry Friedman (NYU): How to Talk About the Constitution. Jack M. Balkin (Yale): Must We Be Faithful to Original Meaning? S. L. Whitesell (Penn): The Church of Originalism. Lawrence Lessig (Harvard): What an “Originalist” Would Understand “Corruption” to Mean: The 2013 Jorde Lecture. Kiel Robert Brennan-Marquez (Yale): The Constitutional Idealism of John Roberts. The Roberts Supreme Court is the most business-friendly court since World War II. Michael Avery and Danielle McLaughlin on how conservatives captured the law: From modest academic roots, the Federalist Society has become a major force in scholarship, politics, and policy. Joshua Hawley on making the Supreme Court safe for democracy. The United States can’t be the world’s courthouse: Eric Posner on why the Supreme Court just killed off a whole category of human rights suits.

From M/C Journal, a special issue on mining. Jack M. Balkin (Yale): Verdi's High C. La nouvelle trahison des clercs: When scholars sell out, the consequences are grave. David Dayen on Newark's terrible new foreclosure fix idea: Activists in the city think eminent domain can save their neighborhoods. Consciousness after death: Brandon Keim on strange tales from the frontiers of resuscitation medicine. Ned Resnikoff on when the union’s the boss: While some level of personal sacrifice on the part of union organizers is inevitable, that can’t justify rendering them powerless over their own workplace conditions. James V. Schall on avoiding “prosperous wickedness”. Abnormal is the new normal: Why will half of the U.S. population have a diagnosable mental disorder? A look at 5 basic facts of life (that were made up by marketing campaigns).

From Immortal Life, will indefinite life extension arrive in 20 years, 50 years, never?; and in the future, with immortality, will there still be children? UC Riverside philosophy professor John Martin Fischer has received a $5-million grant to study immortality, but don't expect any ghost hunting or seances. How humans will respond to immortality: Austin Considine interviews John Fischer. How can I live forever? Gennady Stolyarov on what does and does not preserve the self. To attain immortality, humanity must become an emotionally honest species. Will “meatbag” bodies ever be immortal? Franco Cortese on longer life vs. unlimited life. Franco Cortese on immortality: Bio or cyber, does it matter? Killing deathist cliches: “Death gives meaning to life” is meaningless. Life, why bother? Rhys Southan reviews David Benatar’s Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence.

Anita L. Allen (Penn): An Ethical Duty to Protect One's Own Information Privacy? From The Washington Monthly, why are U.S. Border Patrol agents shooting into Mexico and killing innocent civilians? John Carlos Frey investigates. A trip to Japan in sixteen minutes: In 1944, the self-imposed exile Sadakichi Hartmann died dreaming of the perfume concert that failed to take him home. Will a tattoo ever hang in the Louvre? Meet the unconventional art historians trying to discover what it means for an image to be marked on the body. Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher, kindred spirits: Michael Kimmage reviews Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century by Christian Caryl. I am not a Zizek tote bag: Alice Bell on branding and the abstraction of social life. North Carolina needed 6,500 farm workers — only 7 Americans stuck it out.

Kyle Koeppe (George Mason): The Ugly as Political: Black Metal and Adorno. From PopMatters, anatomy of a viral smash: Dave Whitaker on Bauuer's “Harlem Shake”; Geoff Nelson on the rise and fall of the Strokes; and Colin McGuire writes in defense of opening acts. The ladies sing the blues: Isha Singh Sawhney on the new sounds of female playback singers. Jamilah King on the trouble with Justin Timberlake’s appropriation of black music. The Beatles thawed the Cold War more efficiently than missiles or diplomacy: James McNair reviews How The Beatles Rocked the Kremlin by Leslie Woodhead. Rock and roll is (mostly) noise pollution — and now book publishing is choking on it, as rock enters its “memoir” phase. Matthew Breen interviews Tegan and Sara on leaving a political record. Randy Rieland on eight new things we've learned about music. Jason Iannone on the 6 least hip Internet references in song lyric history.