Pavlos Eleftheriadis (Oxford): Democracy in the Eurozone. Aidan Regan (EUI): Political Tensions in Euro-Varieties of Capitalism: The Fiscal Crisis of the Democratic State in Europe? From German Law Journal, a special issue on Regeneration Europe. From Cato Journal, a special issue on Europe's Crisis and the Welfare State: Lessons for America. From FT, a special series on European manufacturing. The problem is not Eurozone discipline but the financialisation of everything: Stuart A Brown and Chris Gilson interview Saskia Sassen. Are nearly a quarter of European young people unemployed? No, fewer than 10 per cent are. It is time to defend the EU: John McCormick why Europe matters. A Latin empire against the German dominance? An interview with Giorgio Agamben on the endless crisis as an instrument of power — apparently, he had been misunderstood. Visiting Brussels soon? A new museum offers a peek into the future to see how the European dream died.

Stuart Minor Benjamin (Duke): Algorithms and Speech. A new issue of The Washington Diplomat is out. Arika Okrent on 29 answers to the question “What is a human being?” Tim Murphy on how the Internet is actually surprisingly good at fighting crime. The arms trade treaty: Sergio Finardi, Brian Wood, Peter Danssaert, Ken Matthysen on building a path to disarmament. Surfonomics 101: A good break has a value that ripples out into the surrounding community — but calculating that cost can be tricky. From TLS, a review essay on Polybius by Mary Beard. Why is everyone else so stupid? Ajit Varki and Danny Brower ask the difficult question. The introduction to Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age by W. Bernard Carlson. Adam Morton reviews Evil and Moral Psychology by Peter Brian Barry. Dustin Koski and Sam Jackson on the 5 most incredibly badass acts of nonviolence.

From New Compass, has David Harvey become a libertarian municipalist? Sveinung Legard wonders. Defenders of print: The Oakland-based anarchists at AK Press are calling shit on capitalism through the power of print. Is anarchism socialist or capitalist? Aeon J. Skoble reviews Anarchy and Legal Order: Law and Politics for a Stateless Society by Gary Chartier. Paint bombs: Kelefa Sanneh on David Graeber’s The Democracy Project and the anarchist revival (and more and more). From The Anvil Review, Critila on Zizek’s gamble, and ours. On why Dr John Drury is a collaborationist asshole: Tom Nomad reviews Cop-Out: The Significance of Aufhebengate by Sam FantoSamotnaf. From Modern Success, an interview with Noam Chomsky, everyday anarchist. Getting there: Stephen R. Shalom interviews Michael Albert, co-author of Occupy Strategy.

A new issue of Homeland Security Affairs is out. Adriaan van Klinken (Leeds): Imitation as Transformation of the Male Self: How an Apocryphal Saint Reshapes Zambian Catholic Men. John Danaher on the species-relativist argument: Do different species have different values? Yes and No: Roger Berkowitz on the “split the difference” approach to the banality of evil. Peter Coy on Bernanke's heir apparent Janet Yellen, a bird of a different feather? From The Globalist, relax! China isn't taking over the world (yet) — but why doesn't China want the world to view it as a model? From Distilled magazine, David Dessin on the dif­fer­ent faces of monothe­ism. Joseph Stiglitz on how globalisation isn't just about profits — it's about taxes too. From Anamnesis, Coyle Neal on the community of friends in Apollonius’ Argonautika.

From Himal Southasian, a special section on farms, feasts, famines, including food writer Suman Bolar on the ins and outs of her profession — eat, drink, write. Selling to the world, not feeding it: Paul Wallich on everything you always wanted to know about Big Ag. The Hunger Game: Nick Saul on how food banks may compound the very problems they should be solving. Should we eat more insects? The U.N. thinks so. The saga of the flaming zucchini: Jenny Uglow reviews Consider the Fork: A History of How We Cook and Eat by Bee Wilson. Dear American Consumers: Please don’t start eating healthfully — sincerely, the Food Industry. Michael Pollan on why the family meal is crucial to civilisation. How to really eat like a hunter-gatherer: Ferris Jabr on why the paleo diet is half-baked. Is spaghetti and meatballs Italian? Why we love “cronuts”: Ben Zimmer on the devilish pull of the food portmanteau.