Brandon L. Garrett (Virginia): The Constitutional Standing of Corporations. Anita I. Anand (Toronto): The Value of Governance. Sandrine Blanc (INSEEC) and Ismael Al-Amoudi (Reading): Corporate Institutions in a Weakened Welfare State: A Rawlsian Perspective. Christian Mastilak (Xavier), Linda J. Matuszewski (Northern Illinois), Fabienne Miller (WPI), and Alex Woods (William and Mary): Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? An Examination of Exposure to Economic Theory and Opportunistic Behavior. Amy Sepinwall (Penn): Culpability Without Fault: The Case for Punishing Executives for Crimes of Their Corporation. Arthur E. Wilmarth Jr. (GWU): Turning a Blind Eye: Why Washington Keeps Giving In to Wall Street. No measly shutdown can keep Congress from sucking up to Wall Street. From The American Interest, an interview with Jonathan R. Macey, author of The Death of Corporate Reputation: How Integrity Has Been Destroyed on Wall Street. Steven Pearlstein on how the cult of shareholder value wrecked American business. Felix Salmon on the JP Morgan apologists of CNBC (and more at The Baffler). Reform school for bankers: The world’s leading investment bank puts itself under the spotlight. Riding high: Wells Fargo is the big winner from the financial crisis. Silla Brush and Robert Schmidt how the bank lobby loosened U.S. reins on derivatives. Looting the pension funds: Matt Taibbi on how all across America, Wall Street is grabbing money meant for public workers. J.F. Sargent on 5 outrageous lies companies are legally allowed to tell you.

Stefan P. Dolgert (Brock): Listening in Order Not to Hear? Darwin, Politics, and Sacrifice. America flirts with self-destruction: The fallout of a US government default, particularly one that lasts, is beyond prediction. Michael Slaby on how the Obama campaign helped create a new map of understanding — here's how others can use it. Uber alles: James Surowiecki on the economy of peer-to-peer apps. Chasing coincidences: Amir D. Aczel on statistics and why it’s hard to recognize the unlikely. James Nicholls reviews Alcohol in World History by Gina Hames. 10,000 years chiming: Christopher Heaney interviews Alexander Rose of the Long Now Foundation. Federal employee Mike Marsh’s mission: Getting himself fired, and his agency closed. A look at how the entire essential/nonessential breakdown is a fascinating semiotic window into national priorities. What is the purpose of Vajrolimudra? James Mallinson on yoga and sex. Sixth in a massive series on the media’s treatment of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and, in this case, her daughter Chelsea Clinton. Where the Silk Road ends: Feds arrest “Dread Pirate Roberts”, alleged founder of largest Bitcoin drug market. Weiner takes ll: A panel discussion of people named Weiner and Wiener. Rapper Phonte Coleman explains why Jay-Z is The Wire, Nas is Breaking Bad. You can download Material Law: A Jurisprudence of What's Real by John Brigham. Why is Albert Camus still a stranger in his native Algeria?

Republicans hate domestic spending, but their hatred is not completely indiscriminate — the general pattern is that social programs offend Republicans to the degree that they benefit the poor, sick, or otherwise unfortunate. Despite what conservatives want you to believe, this is not a fight about the role of government — conservatives have no trouble with government interventions they benefit from, but ask them to give up a dollar to help the less fortunate and it's another story. Atul Gawande on Obamacare rollout, Obamacare obstruction. You can't sabotage Obamacare and then whine about its glitches. This is what the Republicans were afraid of: Washington was shut down because Republicans don't want Obamacare — on the other hand, Obamacare was nearly shut down because so many Americans wanted Obamacare. Ezra Klein and Sarah Kliff on everything you need to know about buying insurance under Obamacare (and more). From TNR, why Obamacare is not the cause of Republican insanity; Mark Schmitt on what we need to fix Congress: More partisanship; and how the Radical Right has taken over Washington — here's how we get it back. This madness will never end: So long as there's a Democrat in the White House, the fever will never break. Larry Bartels on how Americans are more conservative than they have been in decades (and more: “We're still living with the toxic political legacy of 9/11”).