From ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, a special issue on the politics of climate change. Dale W. Jamieson (NYU) and Marcello Di Paola (LUISS): Climate Change and Global Justice: New Problem, Old Paradigm? Timo Koivurova, Sebastien Duyck, and Leena Heinamaki (Lapland): Climate Change and Human Rights. David Leonhardt interviews Paul Sabin, author of The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth's Future. Super natural: Tim Dee on the rise of the new nature writing. Barry Silverstein reviews What Has Nature Ever Done for Us? How Money Really Does Grow on Trees by Tony Juniper. Is environmentalism a religion? Sure, why not! Polly Cleveland on why taxing carbon is like taxing diamonds. Is China the last hope for carbon capture technology? Since 2008, the world has committed $25 billion to carbon capture — with little to show for it so far. Judith Shulevitz on how to win a debate with a climate-change denier: Plenty of people deny science — but there are tricks that make communication work. Climate regulations could cost fossil-fuel firms trillions — should they be worried? Jonathan Chait on why the Keystone fight a huge environmentalist mistake (and a response). Al Gore and David Blood on the coming carbon asset bubble: Fossil-fuel investments are destined to lose their economic value — investors need to adjust now. A look at 6 things every environmentalist needs to know about capitalism.

David Herzig (Valparaiso): Justice for All: Reimagining the Internal Revenue Service. From the World Policy Journal, a special issue on secrecy and security. Silicon Valley dreams of secession: You won't find a more brazen declaration of techno-utopian libertarian fantasy than startup founder Balaji Srinivasan's speech. Stephen P. Halbrook reviews Emily Gets Her Gun: But Obama Wants to Take Yours by Emily Miller. Thanassis Cambanis on what sprouted in the Arab Spring: A gutted civil society rediscovers its power — and, perhaps, a chance to rewrite the region’s future. Twitter just solved its biggest problem: Words. Brad DeLong on a very nice article by Jim Tankersley about the Affordable Care Act and Tea-Party Land, with one significant flaw. Joan Walsh on the pernicious myth of Obama’s “incompetence”. Nora Caplan-Bricker on how the "crack baby" scare armed the pro-life cause. Felix Salmon on why Apple should be like Bloomberg. Who watches the watchers?: The introduction to Secrets and Leaks: The Dilemma of State Secrecy by Rahul Sagar. Not so horny: Cuckolded fathers are rare now, and were equally rare in the past. David Birnbaum made his fortune selling jewellery to movie stars; now he has published a “remarkable and profound” investigation into the origins of the universe — is there any reason to take it seriously? Marc Tracy on how crazy senator Mike Lee became a sudden darling of the respectable Right.

Paul M. Janicke (Houston): Overview of the New Patent Law of the United States. Kara W. Swanson (Northeastern): Patents, Politics and Abortion. New Zealand just abolished software patents — here’s why we should, too. Sorting out the high-tech patent mess: Claude Barfield on how recent action by the U.S. trade representative highlights the need for reform in America’s high-tech patent sector. Apple is the patent trolls' No. 1 target, with 171 suits since 2009. Property and theft: Peter Frase on how the overthrow of all intellectual property leaves unanswered the question of how to control the exploitation of the cultural commons by digital capitalists. Nebraska’s attorney general has declared war on patent trolls. Sean Vitka on how patent trolls have a new enemy. “Patent troll” claiming playlists and podcasts scores license with SanDisk: Personal Audio LLC, singled out by EFF and media, is rolling onward. Patent trolls Lumen View: "Calling us patent trolls is a hate crime, now you owe us even more money". Timothy Lee on why large patent holders hate this reform proposal — that’s a good sign: Companies with large patent portfolios oppose a proposal to invalidate bad patents. Chris Matyszczyk on how Google wants to patent splitting the restaurant bill. Eli Dourado on how patent privateers have eroded mutually assured destruction in the computer industry. Finally, a bill to end patent trolling: Bipartisan bill has most of what reformers want and a real chance of passing.