Mattias Kumm (NYU): Constitutionalism and the Cosmopolitan State. Gianluigi Palombella (Parma): Global Legislation and its Discontents. Robert L. Howse (NYU) and Ruti Teitel (NYLS): Does Humanity Law Require (or Imply) A Progressive Theory of History? (And Other Questions for Martti Koskenniemi). Prasanta K. Pattanaik (UC-Riverside) and Yongsheng Xu (Georgia State): Freedom and Its Value. Arie Rosen (NYU): Two Logics of Authority: Reason and Fiat in Modern Law. Felix Gerlsbeck (Columbia): “Above All, Try Something”: Can Experimental Political Authority Be Justified? Jacob Weinrib (NYU): Authority, Justice, and Public Law: A Unified Theory. Fred Frohock (Miami): Slouching Toward Realpolitik: Public Reason as Political Morality. David Ingram (Loyola): Reconciling Positivism and Realism: Kelsen and Habermas on Democracy and Human Rights. Guglielmo Verdirame (King's): Human Rights in Political and Legal Theory. Tim Hayward (Edinburgh): Human Rights vs Property Rights. Christopher Meckstroth (Cambridge): Could Kant Support Human Rights? Kant's Arguments and Their Contemporary Relevance. Joseph Raz (Oxford): On Waldron's Critique of Raz on Human Rights. Jeremy Waldron (NYU): Civility and Formality. Samuel Moyn reviews Dignity, Rank, and Rights by Jeremy Waldron (and more) and Dignity: Its History and Meaning by Michael Rosen (and more). Law as a leap of faith: John Gardner is a big beast of legal philosophy.

Gabriel J. Felbermayr (Stuttgart-Hohenheim) and Jasmin Groeschl (CESifo): Naturally Negative: The Growth Effects of Natural Disasters. From New York, though one in three American women will have an abortion by the age of 45, many of them will never discuss it — here are 26 women who did; and who killed Michael Hastings? Reflexively distrustful, eager to make powerful enemies, the young journalist whose Mercedes exploded in Los Angeles one night couldn’t possibly have died accidentally, could he? From the International Committee of the Fourth International, Bill Van Auken on the Democratic victory in New York and the crisis of liberalism; and Kate Randall on the debacle and the fraud of Obamacare. Noam Scheiber on Hillary's nightmare: A Democratic Party that realizes its soul lies with Elizabeth Warren, who has become a phenomenon for populist Democrats. The lowest form of humor: Teddy Wayne on how the National Lampoon shaped the way we laugh now. The Lonely Guy: He’s a community organizer who works alone; what was once Obama’s greatest strength — he kept his cool and didn’t need feedback — is now a liability. Scott Barry Kaufman on the heritability of intelligence: Not what you think. Alec MacGillis on the mother of all Nazi analogies, now available at Amazon. Will the next Nate Silver please stand up? Moon Shots: Rob Walker on the world’s billionaires and their sci-fi-tinged side projects.

Zoe Robinson (DePaul): What is a “Religious Institution”? Brett A. Geier (South Florida): Texas Cheerleaders and the First Amendment: Can You Cheer for God at a Football Game? Why I hate religion but love Jesus: Jesus>Religion YouTube Star Jefferson Bethke challenges American Christians with new book. Challenging (but promising) moment for America's religious colleges: Though they may seem vulnerable amid the threats of higher ed "disruption", this time could be a propitious one for America's colleges of faith, Thomas Albert Howard argues. Michael David on 10 popular types of black preachers you'll meet on Sunday. “John Galt is a heathen!”: Stuart McAnulla on the inconvenient atheism of Ayn Rand. Are Christians entering a new Dark Age? Richard Land wonders (and part 2). Malcolm Gladwell visits Glenn Beck, finds religion. “I've wept for America”: Billy Graham laments country's direction in final sermon on 95th birthday. Should historians weep for liberal Protestantism? A. I. Jacobs reviews After Cloven Tongues of Fire: Protestant Liberalism in Modern American History by David A. Hollinger. Hipster Jesus is coming to an atheist church near you. Amanda Marcotte on the “hip” Christian Right-wingers trying to make conservative Christianity look cool for the kids. Michael Todd on how there are hundreds of practicing exorcists in the U.S. Peter Berkowitz reviews Defending American Religious Neutrality by Andrew Koppelman. Rachel Maddow says the Bush administration was trying to bring about the end of the world.