Neville Morley (Bristol): History as Political Therapy. Professions and publics: James Herbert on three views of doing history. History without end: Stuart Whatley on reading purpose back into time. Ben Alpers on how the past may not be as usable as we once thought. Why is the study of history so peculiar? Axel Kristinsson investigates. Daniel Johnson on the decline and fall of the history men: Historical awareness is no longer seen as the cornerstone of a good education — we are falling victim to cultural amnesia. Scott K. Taylor on historians and the problem of miracles: Historians, like most academics, are a secular lot — is this a bias that prevents a deeper understanding of religious history? Dan Allosso on the temptation of historical fiction. If you believe what David Barton says about the founding of this country, than you are either a mark or a fool, but probably both. Robert Paul Wolff on how to do history (and part 2). Larry Cebula writes an open letter to the historians of the 22nd century: Sorry for all the stuff. Simon Schama is a man always making history. MacArthur “genius” Robin Fleming on using archaeology to write history, wants historians to stop being afraid of science. Tim Lacy on going meta on historical thinking. This is what happens when historians overuse the idea of the network. The newly translated The Allure of the Archives ponders and celebrates archival research — Scott McLemee thinks it's a classic. You can download Whose History? Engaging History Students through Historical Fiction by Grant Rodwell.

Luigi Zingales (Chicago): Preventing Economists' Capture. From GQ, Jeanne Marie Laskas goes inside the world of the double-crossing fake hitman. It came from an Egyptian tomb — well no, actually, it didn’t, but once a myth lurches into life, there’s no stopping it. Jerry Coyne on how pseudoscientist Rupert Sheldrake is not being persecuted, and is not like Galileo. Hi honey, I'm home: Autumn Whitefield-Madrano on makeup and cohabitation. Peter Savodnik goes inside Lee Harvey Oswald's lost Soviet days. From The Christian Post, Joe Beam on dealing with a spouse's sexual past (or your own). Dick Cheney is an even bigger monster than you thought: Listen to the man with a taxpayer-funded new heart wax indifferent to the life of his donor. Enter the grifters: Rogue “insurance” providers are telling customers they've found a way to get around Obamacare regulations and still sell “junk” insurance policies. Obamacare is having one huge success nobody knows about — making other health-care programs better. They’ve learned nothing: Betraying any knowledge of political science, media embarrasses itself with a phony frenzy — here's how bad it was. Politico Magazine looks like an in-flight magazine — critics pounce. Andrew Sullivan expands The Daily Dish with monthly subscription-only magazine called Deep Dish. Lane Brown on the last culture guide you’ll ever need. Alli Reed on the 5 weirdest side effects of moving to a new country.

What is an American conservative? Patrick Deneen investigates. Zombie apocalypse or marginal revolution? Jason Kuznicki on Nick Land, neo-reactionaries, and the heterotic society. Gracy Olmstead on searching for a truly compassionate conservatism. Rick Perlstein on the Right and pyramid schemes (and part 2, part 3, and part 4). Libertarians are very confused about capitalism: Elites didn't get rich off of some “free market” — here's why libertarians should back radical wealth redistribution. Amanda Marcotte on contraception extremism and the Right-wing bubble. Do libertarians need God? Apologist Jay Richards says theism necessary for freedom, human rights. Phyllis Schlafly has some serious concerns about U.S. immigration: Beware of polygamous Muslim immigrants on welfare bringing Sharia law. Sean McElwee on Ayn Rand’s vision of idiocy — understanding the real makers and takers: Sorry, but making a profit off something that's useless to society is not morally superior to helping others. Meet the right-wing group masquerading as a mainstream nonprofit — but pushing extremist laws across the country. The Republican ignorance of economics appears to be far more dangerous than previously believed. Do Republican presidents kill babies? Conservatives confident America rejecting Obamacare, ready for every-man-for-himself care. Sorry, John Stuart Mill was not a libertarian. Is IKEA the new model for the conservative movement? Jane Meyer investigates. A poll finds conservatives more offended by rainbow flag than Confederate flag.