Matt Motyl, Shigehiro Oishi, Sophie Trawalter, and Brian A. Nosek (Virginia) and Ravi Iyer (USC): How Ideological Migration Geographically Segregates Groups. John Sides on how most Americans live in Purple America, not Red or Blue America: We're far less politically divided by geography than it may seem; and on how long commutes are making Americans more politically apathetic: New research suggests that those hours spent in traffic may actually hurt our democracy. Stop whining, centrists — bipartisanship is a myth that’s never existed: While Beltway elite pine for the "good old days" and condemn filibuster reform, they're wrong on the history. Bipartisan group finds bridges hard to build: No Labels brings together lawmakers of diverse ideological stripes to find solutions, but its effectiveness is questioned. Seth Masket on the radical political center that somehow never rises: Is it even possible for our country to support a moderate political party? Carl Desportes Bowman on the imagined American center. Mitchell Plitnick on the false center: Well-intentioned people like Robert Reich must be made to understand that you cannot simultaneously hope to change the course of so massive a machine as the Democratic Party and also do so in a nice, friendly manner. Neera Tanden on how Washington “centrists” don't want Obama to target inequality — they're pushing bad politics and bad economics. Michael Smerconish and Pete Dominick make Cedric Muhammad uncomfortable: What centrist-independents reveal about liberals and conservatives.

A new issue of Enculturation is out. Jeremy Engels (Penn State): The Two Faces of Cincinnatus: A Rhetorical Theory of the State of Exception; and Dewey on Jefferson: Reiterating Democratic Faith in Times of War. Kara W. Swanson (Northeastern): Patents, Politics and Abortion. From continent, a special “drift” issue spans five continents, seven countries, fourteen cities, mountains, archipelagoes, plains, and a little red dot. From New York, a special issue on Reasons to Love New York 2013. From the forthcoming International Encyclopedia of Political Communication, here is the entry on Political Culture by Filipe Carreira da Silva, Terry Nichols, and Monica Brito. Indian patriots vow to defend country's women from America. John W Berry on the culture-blindness of global psychology. What does being a vegetarian say about you? Tom Jacobs investigates. Alex Wild on 13 horrifying ways to die. Sex and freedom: Peter Brown reviews From Shame to Sin: The Christian Transformation of Sexual Morality in Late Antiquity by Kyle Harper. Nobel winner Randy Schekman declares boycott of top science journals. Laurie Bennett on an updated view of the Kochs and the Cato Institute. Will President Obama join a think tank after his tenure ends in 2017? Emily Wang on the rise of Banksy. George Dvorsky on soft paternalism, or the future of authority and obedience. Samantha Nicole Inez Chambers on Anime: From cult following to pop culture phenomenon. Ria Misra on 9 creepy patents that will make you lose faith in humanity.

Cristobal Salinas Jr. and Cameron C. Beatty (Iowa State): Constructing Our Own Definition of Masculinity: An Intersectionality Approach. Peter J. Phillips (USQ): Female Lone Wolf Terrorism: The Economic Analysis of Uniquely Gendered Lived Experiences. Ken Pennington (CUA): Women on the Rack: Torture and Gender in the Ius commune. From Crime Library, Katherine Ramsland on women who kill (and part 2). Alice Robb on why you should be wary of studies that claim men and women's brains are wired differently. From New Left Project, Hannah Davies on patriarchy and propaganda; Sam de Boise on patriarchy and the “crisis of masculinity”; and making masculinities: Kevin Guyan on domestic space and the production of patriarchy. Women writers are far outnumbered by men in magazines and book reviews, but why? Miriam Markowitz says part of the answer lies in book publishing. Mychal Denzel Smith on the normalization of violence against black women. Die like a man: Laura Hudson on the toxic masculinity of Breaking Bad. Eli Zaretsky on rethinking the split between feminists and the Left. Feminism is not for everybody: Jacq Brasseur takes a look at “whitestream” feminism. Up close with small-town white rage, with bitter, scary men who feel left behind by economic and cultural change: An excerpt from Angry White Men: American Masculinity at the End of an Era by Michael Kimmel. Alice Dreger on why gender dysphoria should no longer be considered a medical disorder. Sara Yager on how women change men — as daughters, sisters, wives, and co-workers. Carole Pateman on The Sexual Contract twenty-five years later: A response.