From the inaugural issue of State, Religion and Church, Christopher Stroop (RANEPA): The Russian Origins of the So-Called Post-Secular Moment: Some Preliminary Observations; and Dmitry Uzlaner (RANEPA): The Pussy Riot Case and the Peculiarities of Russian Post-Secularism. John Cai Benjamin Weaver (Tampere): "Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Keeping Russia Closeted": A Biopolitical Analysis of Non-normative Sexualities in Russia. Outside the Olympics, pressure on gay Russians grows. Meara Sharma interviews Masha Gessen on Putin, anti-queer campaigns, and the “personal catastrophe” of exile. Anne Applebaum reviews Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot by Masha Gessen. Julia Ioffe on Russia, where one day, you criticize the Kremlin, the next you come downstairs to find a 200-pound sculpture of a penis chained to your car. How to understand Russia’s Arctic strategy: After years of viewing the Arctic primarily in military terms, today Russia sees it as potential source of economic growth and development. Thomas Remington on 10 explanations for Russia’s coming fiscal squeeze — and spending more on Sochi than all other winter Olympics combined is only part of one of them. Graeme Robertson and Sam Greene Putin and the creative class: Who loves him, who hates him, and who couldn’t care less? From NYRB, Timothy Snyder on fascism, Russia, and Ukraine. From Crooked Timber, not just geopolitics: Antoaneta Dimitrova on the institutional background to Ukraine’s problems; and Erin Baumann on a problem like Viktor. Is it time for Ukraine to split up? Alexander Motyl thinks the country would be better off if it were partitioned. Sarah Kendzior on the day we pretended to care about Ukraine: What does our addiction to disaster porn say about us?

Levi Cooper (Bar-Ilan): The Assimilation of Tikkun Olam. Jonathan Rossing (IUPU): Critical Race Humor in a Postracial Moment: Richard Pryor's Contemporary Parrhesia; Trumping Tropes with Joke(r)s: The Daily Show Plays the Race Card; and Prudence and Racial Humor: Troubling Epithets. Matthias Remenyi (FU Berlin): Death as the Limit to Life and Thought: A Thanatological Outline. From Playboy, Jeff Bercovici interviews Nick Denton on Gawker, crowdsourcing and Kinja. James Kwak on the prosecution that isn’t happening. Conservative group tries to get back to its policy roots: Heritage Action hosts first Conservative Policy Summit after drawing fire from the House Republican leadership. Elizabeth Warren vs. the neoliberals: Michael Lind on the battle over Americans’ retirement security. John Nauright on selling nations to the world through sports: Mega-events and nation branding as global diplomacy. From First Things, Dana Gioia on the Catholic writer today. Wolfgang Grassl on how diversity is not a Catholic value. Lisa Appignanesi reviews Stay: A History of Suicide and the Philosophies Against It by Jennifer Michael Hech. Hillary vs. the 99%: Michael I. Niman on the looming battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. Forget the GDP: Some states have found a better way to measure our progress. ADHD does not exist: An illness cannot be defined by it's symptoms, but for decades, that's what's happened. David Weigel on the Wonderful World of Koch, and the good it does for Republicans. A major contribution in understanding human society: Herbert Gintis reviews A Natural History of Human Thinking by Michael Tomasello.

A new issue of Philosophy in Review is out. Narve Strand (NTNU): From Sufficient Reason to Ordinary Language Use: The Path of Philosophy after Kant. Stephen Wigmore (Warwick): Enriching Contemporary Intuitionism from the Continental Tradition. Alex Worsnip (Yale): Disagreement about Disagreement? What Disagreement about Disagreement? From Liber Amicorum Pascal Engel (ed. Julien Dutant, Davide Fassio and Anne Meylan), Erik J. Olson (Lund): Engel vs. Rorty on Truth; Nenad Miscevic (CEU): Philosophy as Literature: The Non-argumentative Tradition in Continental Philosophy; Carola Barbero (Turin): Can We Solve the Paradox of Fiction by Laughing at It?; Maurizio Ferraris (Turin): “Happiness Is Overrated: It’s Better to Be Right”: On Truth as Emergence; and Timothy O’Hagan (East Anglia): Philosophy in a Dark Time: Martin Heidegger and the Third Reich. The introduction to The Historical Turn in Analytic Philosophy, ed. Erich H. Reck. The introduction to The Oxford Handbook of The History of Analytic Philosophy, ed. Michael Beaney. Chauncey Maher reviews Richard Rorty: From Pragmatist Philosophy to Cultural Politics. From 3:AM, interviews with Stephen Darwall, Peter Ludlow, Susanna Schellenberg, Susanna Siegel, and Timothy Williamson. Roger Scruton reviews Bernard Williams: Essays and Reviews 1959-2002. The study of whiteness as a critique of philosophical thought: Christoph Novak on the white bias in Sartre’s early philosophy. Cafe Philosophique: Beatrice Popescu interviews with Lou Marinoff on being a “philosophical practitioner”. George Dvorsky on 9 philosophical thought experiments that will keep you up at night.