From the International Journal of Bahamian Studies, a special issue of Caribbean Art Music. Michael Brei (Nanterre): Offshore Financial Centers in the Caribbean: An Overview. Christopher A.D. Charles (UWI): Studying the Personality of Political Leaders in the Caribbean from a Distance. Carlo A. Cubero (Tallinn): The Sea in Culebra. Valerio Simoni (IUL): Intimate Stereotypes: The Vicissitudes of Being Caliente in Touristic Cuba. Antonius Rickson Hippolyte (Hull): Unearthing the Legitimacy of CARICOM's Reparations Bid. Genetics show marks of Atlantic slave trade: A new study examines how indigenous South Americans, Africans and Europeans all left a little bit of themselves in the Caribbean basin. From Caribbean Business, CariCom unanimously adopts a broad plan on seeking reparations from European nations for what they say are the lingering ill effects of the Atlantic slave trade on the region; a look at how lack of customers dooms many Cuban businesses; Havana mob hotel Capri back in business; can Puerto Rico become a cruiseship paradise?; the Travel Channel cable network has picked up “Border Rico”, a new reality series that will follow the work of border security authorities in Puerto Rico; and abuse charges roil heavily Catholic Puerto Rico. Francisco De Armas on how maybe Puerto Rico needed a trip to the bond junkyard. Missionaries, mercenaries, and misfits: Erin B. Taylor on foreigners in Haiti. #tessnation, nation, and diaspora in the 21st century: Sheri-Marie Harrison on the case of a singer, a superstar, and a bobsled team. A dialectical entanglement: Daniel Whittall reviews The Caribbean: A Brief History by Gad Heuman.

Jamal Munshi (Sonoma State): A Method for Comparing Chess Openings. Laura Rosenbury (WUSTL): Marital Status and Privilege. Linda C. McClain (BU): The Other Marriage Equality Problem. Raphael (Rafi) Bitton (Tel Aviv): The Legitimacy of Spying Among Nations. Ian Delairre (Boston College): On “Constituent Power beyond the State: An Emerging Debate in International Political Theory”: The Foundation of a New Field and the Crisis of Democratic Legitimation. Where is the humanities' Neil DeGrasse Tyson? Adam Weinstein wants to know. Living life by the book: Leo Robson on why reading isn't always good for you. The despicable rise of conservative pranksters: Kembrew McLeod on race-baiting and conspiracy theories in the age of Obama. What does the future of the universe hold? The collision of our galaxy with the Andromeda galaxy is billions of years away, but it’s never too early to wonder what will happen. What if the universe is really against us? Tom Jokinen wonders. George Lois on the evolution of the modern magazine cover. Benoit Denizet-Lewis on the scientific quest to prove bisexuality exists: How a new breed of activists is using science to show — once and for all — that someone can be truly attracted to both a man and a woman. Behind the scenes at a rehearsal for Armageddon: Popular Mechanics presents the most detailed description of an ICBM test launch you'll ever read. The Obamacare train did not wreck: Jonathan Chait on what the Obamacare wars tell us about our skewed politics.

From the forthcoming The Social Thought of Karl Marx, Justin P. Holt (NYU): Communism; and Economics. Egmont Kakarot-Handtke (Stuttgart): Profit for Marxists. Raju Das (York): The Relevance of Marxist Academics. James Tyner (Kent State) and Joshua Inwood (Tennessee): Violence as Fetish: Geography, Marxism, and Dialectics. Jeffrey Kopstein (Toronto) and Michael Bernhard (Florida): Post-Communism, the Civilizing Process, and the Mixed Impact of Leninist Violence. Vladimir Popov (NES): Socialism is Dead, Long Live Socialism! The book that everyone needs to read: Imanol Galfarsoro interviews Santiago Zabala, co-author of Hermeneutic Communism. Julia Lovell reviews The Oxford Handbook of the History of Communism (and more). Marx was right: Sean McElwee on five surprising ways Karl Marx predicted 2014. While Marx’s prediction of our political future was finally discredited with the fall of communism, is his view of our economic future being validated? Doug Henwood, Tyler Cowen, Brad DeLong and more debate. Communism saved the American worker: Communism may never have worked here, but capitalism isn’t working as well without a rival economic system. Who are the new socialist wunderkinds of America? Young people have become increasingly politicised — and increasingly radical. For those too young to remember the Cold War but old enough to be trapped by the Great Recession, Marxism holds new appeal. Josh Eidelson on the Tea Party’s “absurd” socialism obsession: Actual Marxist Benjamin Kunkel sounds off. Jesse Myerson on 7 huge misconceptions about communism (and capitalism). A look at how ALL of #Obama's ideas are rooted in #Marxism.