Stanislav Shekshnia (INSEAD), Alena Ledeneva (UCL), and Elena Denisova-Schmidt (Harvard): How to Mitigate Corruption in Emerging Markets: The Case of Russia. Anastasiia Rassadovskaia and Andrey Aistov (HSE): Corruption Perceptions in Russia: Economic or Social Issue? Arseniy Khitrov (HSE): Representations of the Police in Contemporary Russian Police TV-Series. From Tradition, Family, and Property, is there no alternative other than Putin’s dictatorship or the secularist dictatorship of the European Union, which imposes same-sex “marriage,” abortion and euthanasia? Russia’s action man: John Lloyd reviews The Putin Mystique: Inside Russia’s Power Cult by Anna Arutunyan and Kicking the Kremlin: Russia’s New Dissidents and the Battle to Topple Putin by Marc Bennetts. Russia’s friends in black: Why Europe’s populists and radicals admire Vladimir Putin. The data are in: Life under Putin is a continuous downward spiral into despair. A nation perpetually under a rhumb: Michiko Kakutani reviews Russians by Gregory Feifer. Is Russia suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder? Sean Guillory on a psychological explanation for Russia's behavior in Ukraine. Under Russia, life in Crimea grows chaotic. Homo Sovieticus: Linda Kinstler on Russians on Russianness. John Freedman on Russia's new culture war. Pavel Durov, founder of VKontakte, Russia’s “Facebook” says he was ousted, Putin’s men in “complete control” of the site. Dozhd TV, Russia's last independent TV channel, is fighting for its life — and it's asking for your help. Alan Devenish on what it’s like to be a Russian journalist. How safe is Putin? Nick Butler on why the view of Russia as a one man dictatorship is not entirely correct.

Robert Seyfert (Konstanz): The Problem of Order and the Specter of Chaos. Francisco Ribeiro (Sorocaba): Economic Aspects of Omnipotence. Oliver Watts (Sydney): Prince Harry: Performing Princeliness. Oh, how they like to dish: A conversation with Liz Smith, gossip columnist and Jess Cagle, editorial director of People magazine. Can liberals and conservatives come together to support families? Drop city and the utopian communes: A sample chapter from Living Beyond the Law: Lessons from Pirates, Prisoners, Lepers and Survivors by Paul H. Robinson and Sarah M. Robinson. Art is lie: Alice Robb on how famous violinists can't tell a Stradivarius from a newly-manufactured violin. Blow up the Times op-eEd page, and start again: The New York Times Op-Ed page is the best real estate in media — why is the Times OK with it being so embarrassing? Maybe those Obamacare plan cancellations weren't as bad as you've heard — of course, that would suggest the media overhyped the story, and that never happens. What do the things you carry say about you? Erin B. Taylor investigates. Dennis Scimeca on the controversial world of Nazi video games. What do Swiss mountains, Aretha Franklin, and the Bosphorus have to do with history and refugee studies? Francesca Piana explains. What’s left of Macondo? Ericka Beckman investigates. Jeff Madrick on why inequality is not the problem. Marc Tracy on the story of how a 700-page French economics book topped Amazon — and sent a small publisher scrambling. The 1-Star Amazon reviews of Thomas Piketty's book are pretty funny.

Jeremy R. Levine and Carl Gershenson (Harvard): From Political to Material Inequality: Race, Immigration, and Requests for Public Goods. Jeffrey M. Schmitt (Florida Coastal): Immigration Enforcement Reform: Learning from the History of Fugitive Slave Rendition. Cesar Cuauhtemoc Garcia Hernandez (Capital): Creating Crimmigration. Alissa R. Ackerman and Rich Furman (Washington) and Meghan Sacks (Fairleigh Dickinson): The New Penology Revisited: The Criminalization of Immigration as a Pacification Strategy (and more). From The Social Contract, a special issue on immigration and the end of the American Dream. Tom Romero (Denver): Observations on History, Law, and the Rise of the New Jim Crow in State-Level Immigration Law and Policy for Latinos. John D. Skrentny and Jane Lilly Lopez (UCSD): Obama's Immigration Reform: The Triumph of Executive Action. Elina Treyger (George Mason): The Deportation Conundrum. A history of exclusion: Prerna Lal Schubiner on U.S. deportation policy since 1882. Anna O. Law on lies, damned lies, and Obama’s deportation statistics: Confusion about immigration statistics lies behind the debate over Obama as the "deporter in chief." Nora Caplan-Bricker on what it will take for Obama to satisfy his immigration critics. Benjy Sarlin on how America’s harshest immigration law failed. Cedric Gordon on when diversity for diversity's sake is not enough: Should black immigrants receive the benefit of affirmative action at the detriment of native blacks? Benjamin Newman, Todd K Hartman, Patrick L. Lown and Stanley Feldman on how humanitarian values and cues tend to promote support for immigration reform in the United States, including a more permissive immigration policy. For immigrants, the ROI on Americanized names is pretty good.