The inaugural issue of UN Constitutional is out. Mattias Kumm (NYU): Constitutionalism and the Cosmopolitan State. Vlad Perju (BC): Cosmopolitanism in Constitutional Law. From German Law Journal, a special issue on Political Constitutions. Tom Ginsburg (Chicago), and Daniel Rockmore and Nick Foti (Dartmouth): We the Peoples: The Global Origins of Constitutional Preambles (and from OUPblog, a look at ten constitutional preambles you may not know). Tom Ginsburg (Chicago) and Mila Versteeg (Virginia): Why Do Countries Adopt Constitutional Review? Poul F. Kjaer (CBS): Transnational Normative Orders: The Constitutionalism of Intra- and Trans-Normative Law. Lorenzo Casini (Rome): Solidarity between States in the Global Legal Space. Matt Qvortrup (Cranfield): New Development: The Comparative Study of Secession-Referendums. Robert L. Howse (NYU) and Ruti Teitel (NYLS): Humanity Bounded and Unbounded: The Regulation of External Self-Determination Under International Law. Rene Provost (McGill): Interpretation in International Law as a Transcultural Project. John D. Haskell (Mississippi): The Traditions of Modernity within International Law and Governance: Christianity, Liberalism and Marxism. Adam S. Chilton (Chicago) and Dustin H. Tingley (Harvard): Why the Study of International Law Needs Experiments. Tomer Broude (HUJ): Behavioral International Law. Christian J. Tams (Glasgow): The World Court's Role in the International Law-Making Process. The first chapter from The New Terrain of International Law: Courts, Politics, Rights by Karen J. Alter. Timothy Meyer reviews Economic Foundations of International Law by Eric A. Posner and Alan O. Sykes.

The inaugural issue of Board Games Studies is out, including Cosimo Cardellicchio (Bari): Evolution for Games; Emanuel Gluskin (Kinneret): On Game Psychology: An Experiment on the Chess Board/Screen, Should You Always "Do Your Best"?; George I. Bell and John D. Beasley on new problems on old solitaire boards; and David Lawrence on a pictish origin for Hnefatafl. You don’t hate Monopoly, you just suck at it. What “mom” really means in America: Britt Peterson on how a distinctive word for motherhood came to carry so much freight. Watch colonialism collapse before your eyes in this mesmerizing GIF. David Haglund on why “think-piece” is a dirty word. Bush revisionism is back: Elias Isquith on why this latest, pathetic attempt is so dangerous (and more). Too big to jail? Tom Engelhardt on why kidnapping, torture, assassination, and perjury are no longer crimes in Washington. George F. Will and Charles Krauthammer discuss the U.S. National Climate Assessment, which they dismissed with various irritable mental gestures. This book is a movie: Douglas Campbell Rennie on the “faithful adaptation” as a benchmark for analyzing the substantial similarity of works in different media. What do stamps say about nations? Adrian Tahourdin investigates. Jonathan Cohn on more good news for Obamacare: It may be saving lives after all. What’s the liberal equivalent of climate denial? The paper chase: Online cryptocurrencies are all the rage, but other alternate money systems can do more than help you hide. When facts are weapons: Politicians have never had access to so much data — how come their debates are so sterile?

Joshua Zingher (SUNY-Binghamton): Obama's Unprecedented Coalition and the Future of American Party Competition; and Demographic Change, The Median Voter Theorem, and the Increasing Republicanism of American Whites. Joseph Bafumi (Dartmouth) and Christina M Greer (Fordham): President Obama and the Intensification of Black Threat from 2008 to 2012. From Harvard Law Review, Ellen D. Katz on how the VRAA's proposed preclearance regime would still be vulnerable to attack; and Guy-Uriel E. Charles and Luis E. Fuentes-Rohwer on why activists ought not settle for the valiant but modest VRAA. Hopes frustrated, many Latinos reject the ballot box altogether. This town needs a better class of racist: Ta-Nehisi Coates on how it's easy for polite American society to condemn Cliven Bundy and banish Donald Sterling while turning away from the elegant, monstrous racism that remains. Are white Republicans more racist than white Democrats? Nate Silver and Allison McCain investigate. Can the Republican Party thrive on white identity? Larry Bartels on how with increasing ethnic diversity, identity politics will cut both ways. “I’ll never apologize for my white privilege” guy is basically most of white America. Conservative money front Intercollegiate Studies Institute is behind Princeton's "white privilege" guy Tal Fortgang. White supremacist’s genocidal paranoia: Toby McCasker goes inside the mind of White Man March founder Kyle Hunt. Is the infamous white-supremacist novel The Turner Diaries a real threat, or just a shitty book for shitty people? W McCormack investigates. Christopher Ingraham on the depressing durability of hate crime. Svati Kirsten Narula on the 5 U.S. counties where racial diversity is highest — and lowest.