The real Trump: Mark Danner reviews Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher. “There’s no check on Trump except reality”: Alex Shephard and Theodore Ross interview Wayne Barrett, author of Trump: The Greatest Show on Earth. Donald Trump, Loser-in-Chief: Our next president cannot stand that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote — and America will suffer for it. N Ziehl on coping with chaos in the White House: “I want to talk a little about narcissistic personality disorder”. How to manipulate Donald Trump: He’s an emotional weakling, and his recent interviews give us models for dealing with it.

From Public Seminar, Jeffrey Goldfarb on Trump and Trumpism; and Chiara Bottici on the mass psychology of Trumpism: Old and new myths. Many Trump supporters willing to let him pick and choose what promises to fulfill. Robert J. Shiller on Donald Trump and the sense of power. Ranting Trump voters on viral videos aren’t empowered — they’re the opposite. “Don’t play identity politics”: The primal scream of the straight white male. Seduced and betrayed by Donald Trump: The white working class is due for a rude awakening when the safety net is shredded. Under Trump, red states are finally going to be able to turn themselves into poor, unhealthy paradises. What Trump voters did: Sanford Schram on willful ignorance, Faustian bargains, white privilege and the end of liberal democracy.

The other side of the global right-wing surge: Nostalgia for empire. Extremists turn to a leader to protect Western values: Vladimir Putin. Michael Brenner on how autocracy will come to America. Annalisa Merelli on the key difference between populism and fascism. Julius Probst on the rise of fascism. Should we even go there? Historians on comparing fascism to Trumpism. Is Trump a Berlusconi or more like Mussolini? A People’s History of the Third Reich: How Great Man theory allows us to abdicate collective responsibility. Does this haircut make me look like a Nazi? The new Jewish question: As Trump’s election and its aftermath show, Jews still play a role in the passion plays of others. Adam Wren: What I learned binge-watching Steve Bannon’s documentaries.

The Trump Bros have found their safe space. The far Right has a new digital safe space. Tweedy racists and “ironic” anti-Semites: The alt-Right fits a historical pattern. News outlets rethink usage of the term “alt-Right”. Christopher Caldwell on what the alt-Right really means (and a response). The “alt-Right” splinters as supporters and critics agree it was white supremacy all along.

Oana Albescu (Babes-Bolyai): Fallacious and Perennial: On Lying in Politics. Austria just decisively rejected the far-right’s presidential candidate. “It's 2016 and Austria & Germany are leading the fight to resist fascism. Captain America goes back to sleep”. Big Oil is in decline, and the OPEC deal can’t rescue it. Trump’s Carrier deal is right out of Putin’s playbook. The party of Reagan is now rejecting free-market capitalism. If you don't like crony capitalism and economic fascism, you're a cuck. Republicans suddenly think the economy is getting better. Would politics be better off without anger? Amia Srinivasan reviews Anger and Forgiveness: Resentment, Generosity, Justice by Martha C. Nussbaum.

How bad was Trump’s Taiwan phone call? Intentional or accidental, Trump’s Taiwan call raises the risk of a diplomatic disaster. Josh Marshall on the Taiwan call: “Here we have an impulsive and ignorant man whose comfort zone is aggression surrounded by advisors with dangerous ideas”. Evan Osnos on the real risk behind Trump’s Taiwan call.

The victory of "no": The GOP's unprecedented anti-Obama obstructionism was a remarkable success — and then it handed the party to Donald Trump. Two bubbles of unrealism: Bruno Latour on learning from the tragedy of Trump. Mike Konczal on learning from Trump in retrospect. The whole must go: Four faulty assumptions, methodological errors, or missteps in analysis that serve as serious barriers to understanding our current situation. Lesson for Democrats: Back to class — it was the party's neoliberalism that did it in. Shuja Haider on liberal anti-politics: Liberal pundits would have us write off all Trump supporters — but only a broad working-class movement can defeat the far Right. Eric Levitz on what Bernie Sanders gets right about identity politics. What's the Matter With Kansas? aptly describes the 2016 election — but was written in 2004.

Petition calling on Electoral College to pick Clinton over Trump breaks record. Why blue states are the real "tea party": Progressive urban areas pay more taxes and have less voting power than rural ones. Local and state government can protect the Constitution from Trump. How Democrats can build a real opposition to Donald Trump. The case for normalizing Trump: Foreign populists have been beaten by talking issues, not personality. Matt Stoller on why people have such a hard time understanding Trump — it's because they don't understand Obama.

Evan McMullin: "If Trump governs as an authoritarian like he has promised, it will be critical that Americans do the following 10 things". Democrats will botch the resistance against Trump: Liberalism is not built for moments like these. How stigma sows seeds of its own defeat: Defending the liberal project is a Sisyphean task in part because successfully inculcating liberal norms leads to habits that weaken the ability to sustain them. The 2016 election is a disaster without a moral. Patchen Markell on not giving up in the wake of Donald Trump's victory.

Where does Trump get his news? BuzzFeed News analyzes all the links Donald Trump tweeted since he launched his presidential campaign. SNL made fun of Trump's compulsive tweeting — 45 minutes later, Trump tweeted about it. Saturday Night Live once again nails the anxieties many feel about a Trump presidency. What does it say about the President-elect that he goes off on Twitter rants, some of them filled with proven falsehoods? Trump’s permanent Twitter campaign: Far more than a diversionary tactic, tweeting lets the president-elect stay on the political offensive — and manipulate his press coverage. Why future presidential candidates will mimic Trump’s Twitter strategy.