The muddle and menace of American politics: An unsettled electorate could mean unsettling social changes. A well-meaning, best-selling memoir, Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance, promotes dangerous myths about racial determinism and racial innocence that form the bedrock of Trumpism. Racially polarized voting is getting extreme in the South. The 3 different things we talk about when we talk about “Trump voters”. The myth of the Rust Belt revolt: Donald Trump didn’t flip working-class white voters — Hillary Clinton lost them (and more). In nearly every swing state, voters preferred Hillary Clinton on the economy.

Failing the empathy exams: Empathy is a weapon of the downtrodden, and we need it in our arsenal. The myth of the smug liberal: In the dawn of the Trump era, there is no stereotype more lazily deployed than the condescending coastal liberal who lives in his own bubble. Christine Emba writes in defense of identity politics. Denise Oliver Velez: My “identity” can get me killed. The battle over identity politics, explained: Identity politics isn’t just a tool of the Left — the Right has used it again and again.

The Right has its own version of political correctness, and it’s just as stifling: Conservatives use “patriotic correctness” to regulate speech, behavior and acceptable opinions. Political correctness: Moira Weigel on how the Right invented a phantom enemy.

From Politico, Hadas Gold on how Donald Trump and "Morning Joe" made up: While critics lash out, MSNBC's morning talker builds a pipeline to Trump Tower. It’s time for MSNBC to address reports that Joe Scarborough is advising Donald Trump. A study finds Clinton-Trump coverage was a feast of false equivalency (and more). Meet the press: Rick Perlstein on the hustlers, hucksters, hacks, and cowards who helped elect Donald Trump. “Really sick of this cycle: Trump lies, lie is disproven, no press conference to ask him about it directly, surrogates lie about lie, repeat”. “1. Trump says/does something 2. Media reports at face value 3. Turns out not to be true, but it's too late, everyone already heard it was”.

Trump lost Time magazine’s popular vote, too.

Brian L. Frye (Kentucky): Machiavellian Intellectual Property. Severine Autesserre on what Congo can teach the world about peace. Richard Engel goes inside the secret rescue of Yazidi sex slaves from ISIS captors. Margaret Rhodes on how the design of parliaments has a funkadelic impact on politics. Richard Posner is a monster: Allen Mendenhall reviews Richard Posner by William Domnarski. Is abortion candy? Abortion is not a vice and every attempt to legislate it is a failure. Ohio legislature moves to ban abortion as early as 6 weeks after conception. The strange, complex education of Jared Kushner: Can the political neophyte, who has stumbled in publishing and real estate, recognize his own limits — in the White House?

Trump’s America could be like Alabama with nukes. “So here's why what Trump is doing on Carrier is both better than the status quo, and very sad”. The Chamber of Commerce may learn to love Trump. The Great Soul-Sucking: Republicans embrace big government, revenge politics, and corruption. How the GOP capitulated to a monster: Most of Trump's fiercest foes in the Republican Party have backed down, giving Trump full rein to remake the party in his image. Can the Constitution survive Donald Trump? Trump's proposals during the campaign were notable for flouting basic legal principles that have guided the republic for years. Why haven’t conservative thinkers denounced Trump? Sorry, conservatives, Trump’s illiberalism is on you: Anti-Trumpers are trying to argue that Obama laid the foundation for authoritarianism.

“The government is spending too much on nonwhite people”: That dog whistle was key to the Tea Party’s success, and while Trump may differ from that group ideologically, he’s speaking their language when it comes to identity. Donald Trump has proven liberals right about the tea party. Trump faces unanswered questions about his stock portfolio. Paul Ryan: Trump can steal all he wants as long as I get tax cuts. A corrupt oligarchy is the best that America can hope for now.

Trump marginalizes D.C. transition staff: The president-elect’s advisers in New York are laser-focused on picking his Cabinet, largely ignoring the policy plans being produced in D.C. Trump’s EPA pick, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, is an ardent foe of virtually everything Obama’s EPA has done. Here are 9 things Trump’s National Security Adviser pick actually thinks about Islam. Trump’s DHS pick retired Gen. John Kelly is a retired general who warns Latin America could pose an “existential” threat to the US. Does Trump want to put generals in charge of everything? This is not normal: As a pattern, a government dominated by recently retired generals is a very negative development.

“Trump Foundation’s largest contributor just got a cabinet-level position. Keep draining that swamp, y’all”