Bohdana Kurylo (LSE): Russia and Carl Schmitt: The Hybridity of Resistance in the Globalised World. Russia missing from Trump's top defense priorities, according to DoD memo. Putin and Trump could be on the same side in this troubling new world order. The U.S. has a long history of hacking other democracies: Overthrow an election, install a dictator — and voila, you have a loyal client state. Yochi Dreazen: I've spent 15 years covering national security — I've never seen anything like the Russia hack. Americans not all that worried about Russia. The scariest thing about Trump's presidency so far is Michael Flynn and his team of nutters. White House faces exodus of foreign policy experts ahead of Trump's arrival. Would President Trump go to war to divert attention from problems at home? Francis Fukuyama on America, the failed state: America's political rot is infecting the world order — this could be as big as the Soviet collapse.

Erik Voeten (Georgetown): Are People Really Turning Away from Democracy? Liberalism need not be on the retreat — rightwing populism is beatable. So you want to preserve the liberal international order: As states retreat from preserving the U.S.-created global order, civil society will need to step up.

A dangerous day for democracy: Yascha Mounk on Ankara, Berlin, and a world that seems to be spinning ever faster out of control.

A new issue of the International Journal of Zizek Studies is out, including Jani Kristian Vaisanen (Jyvaskyla): Four Concepts of Politics. Italo Testa (Parma): Hegelian Resources for Contemporary Thought. Frieder Vogelmann (Bremen): Measure, Disrupt, Emancipate: Three Pictures of Critique. From LARB, weakening philosophy: A forum on Gianni Vattimo. Claudio Gallo interviews Gianni Vattimo on his life and work, on the occasion of a new Vattimo archive opening in Barcelona. Ben Cross on normativity in Chantal Mouffe’s political realism. No escape from fallibility: Matt Ellison reviews Violence: Thinking Without Banisters by Richard Bernstein. The philosopher of failure: Costica Bradatan on Emil Cioran’s heights of despair. You can download Religion and the Political, ed. Montserrat Herrero (2012).

Brian Wansink and Kevin M. Kniffin (Cornell): Exhibitionist Eating: Who Wins Eating Contests? Russia, Iran and Turkey agree priority in Syria is not regime change. Assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov was not terrorism, but retribution for Vladimir Putin's war crimes. A gunman shot three people at an Islamic center in Zurich, and people aren't talking about it. Board decides to keep Christine Lagarde as IMF chief after conviction. Ezra Klein interviews Ta-Nehisi Coates: "I'm a big believer in chaos": Ezra Klein interviews Ta-Nehisi Coates on Obama, Trump, atheism, and becoming the guy "white people read to show they know something". Sarah Kliff on why Obamacare enrollees voted for Trump. Have public intellectuals ever gotten anything right? They didn’t see 9/11 coming, they also missed the 2008 crash, the Arab Spring, Brexit and the victory of Donald Trump.

Daniel Gayo-Avello (Oviedo): Social Media and Authoritarianism. Who’s responsible when extremists get a platform? Social media companies aren’t just an open marketplace for ideas — they’re also amplifying the most dangerous ones. On Twitter, a battle among political bots: Some robot accounts protest; others expose racists; and at least one — aimed at people looking for a fight — keeps them busy talking to a brick wall. In defense of the Twitter essay: Some find it obnoxious, but threading tweets is a unique writing form that creates vibrant, democratic conversations. Social media is killing discourse because it’s too much like TV: We need more text and fewer videos and memes in the age of Trump.

What’s Facebook going to do after fake news? It’s time to decide: What is Facebook’s mission? A challenge to Facebook’s reach and power is long overdue. Leighton Andrews on why Europe should regulate Facebook and Google. Google is not “just” a platform — it frames, shapes and distorts how we see the world. Google “must review its search rankings because of rightwing manipulation”: Hate sites are dominating and controlling searches on Muslims, Jews, Hitler and women and search engine is failing to tackle problem. Carole Cadwalladr on Google, democracy and the truth about Internet search.

From PostEverything, Daniel Drezner on Donald Trump’s three types of norm violations; and how could Donald Trump answer questions about his money? By giving it all away. Donald Trump's sons behind nonprofit selling access to president-elect. Newt Gingrich: Trump should illegally hire his relatives, profit from inside dealing, and then pardon them. The evidence to impeach Donald Trump may already be here (and more). Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci: Don't take Trump literally, “take him symbolically”. Cucks, identity politics, and why just talking about Trump makes him seem normal. Trump could destroy public discourse and lead to someone worse, explains Roger Berkowitz, a scholar on Hannah Arendt. How Hannah Arendt’s classic work on totalitarianism illuminates today’s America. Julian Friedland on the banality of American evil.

Josh Marshall on US Ambassador to Israel nominee David Friedman: I did not realize you could leverage the Holocaust and the 6 million Jewish victims as a cudgel to defend a man caught on tape bragging about “grabbing” women by their “pussies” and coercing sex. Here's another Trump cabinet pick with close financial ties to Russians: Wilbur Ross joined with a Russian oligarch and a former KGB official to run a troubled bank in Cyprus. Donald Trump turns to always-wrong pseudo-economist Lawrence Kudlow. Outsiders selected by Trump aim to unnerve Washington. Democrats need to oppose Trump’s cabinet picks en masse: If Democrats still believe that Trump is a threat to democracy, then they should act accordingly.

The frightening common ground between Trump adviser Steve Bannon and white nationalism’s favorite philosopher, Aleksandr Dugin. Donald Trump is a uniquely American populist: He's in a different category from far-Right European leaders like Marine Le Pen. Tracking Trump’s national-security conflicts of interest: Will the next president’s foreign policy serve America’s interests or his own? The only enemies Donald Trump can see are his fellow Americans: How can he defend the country? People who fear Trump aren’t weak — they’re being reasonable. Lessons for fighting a demagogue, from the people who survived a plague: How the AIDS movement has given birth to the Trump resistance. The most useful guide to resisting Donald Trump: It’s the Tea Party playbook, minus the nooses.

The true story of how Teen Vogue got mad, got woke, and began terrifying men like Donald Trump. Comedians in the age of Trump: Forget your stupid toupee jokes. Pop culture in a post-truth America: Emily Harnett on the political implications of TV’s new self-consciousness.