The key thing to understanding the debate over health care policy in the United States is that it's not really about health care policy, it's about money. Trump suggests GOP needs until 2018 to craft “wonderful” Obamacare replacement. Obamacare repeal is failing because it was based on a lie. How Republicans can save themselves from their Obamacare trap. Trump’s infrastructure plan looked like an easy bipartisan win — not anymore: “You can't work with a president who is eroding the Constitution”. Red-state Democrats not rushing to help Republicans just yet, so it is beginning to look like Republicans need a reboot for their 2017 legislative strategy.

The Republicans are off to a pitiful start: They control the government, but their Faustian bargain with Trump has been a miserable failure thus far. We are seeing a return of the Mayberry Machiavellis: Conservative rule is going to end disastrously if both Trump and congressional Republicans don't spend a little more time on policy analysis and implementation issues. Bracing for Trump's revenge: Some conservatives unequivocally opposed his election — now he’s the president, with all the levers of government at his disposal.

The struggle for the soul of American foreign policy has begun. Trump 101: What he means by “America first”. Donald Trump’s foreign policy is “America Only”, not “America First”. What a Trump Doctrine might look like — if there’s one at all. This isn’t a strategy, it’s a syndrome: Paul Krugman on Donald the Menace. Trump’s bizarre, dangerous calls with the leaders of Mexico and Australia, explained. Trump’s faux-pas diplomacy: The State Department is struggling to contain the fallout as Trump goes off topic in calls with foreign leaders. Hill Republicans’ new role: Playing cleanup with the world for President Trump. How much weight will Trump’s words carry on the world stage? Truth, lies and the Trump administration: Falsehood cannot be the basis for US foreign policy.

Trump Twitter bursts throw decades-old alliances into chaos. Trump’s foreign policy chaos: America's most unpredictable president has come to power just as the liberal world order is giving way. America’s new president is not a rational actor: Whether by accident or design, Donald Trump is isolating himself and erratically unraveling the world order. What does it mean that Trump is “Leader of the Free World”? The puzzling resilience of a Cold War concept. Trump has already blown it: The president could have started a foreign-policy revolution — instead, he triggered a foreign-policy revolt.

Trump tried and failed to build a wall in Ireland — that could mean big trouble for Europe. For Europe, there’s a new threat in town: The U.S. From Der Spiegel, Europe must defend itself against a dangerous president: The United States president is becoming a danger to the world — it is time for Germany and Europe to prepare their political and economic defenses. Gunther Hellmann (Frankfurt): Germany’s World: Power and Followership in a Crisis-ridden Europe. Worried about NATO? Here are 3 things to watch. Colin Dueck on Trump, Europe, and the quest to save NATO.

The world has taken Donald Trump's measure: Toxic, incompetent, and weak. Authoritarian leaders greet Trump as one of their own. Trump gives America’s critics their dream opponent. Iran, puzzled by Trump, treads carefully for now. Trump pushes dark view of Islam to center of U.S. policy-making. China is eager to capitalize on Trump’s early missteps. Donald Trump's closest advisor Steve Bannon thinks there will be war with China in the next few years. The future depends on the deal Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are about to make.

Meredith Terretta (Ottawa): Bursting at the Seams of a Common Humanity? Migration and Refuge in Historical Perspective. Linda S. Bosniak (Rutgers): Wrongs, Rights and Regularization. Jeremy Waldron (NYU): What Respect is Owed to Illusions About Immigration and Culture? Jaya Ramji-Nogales (Temple): Freedom of Movement and Undocumented Migrants. Lea Ypi (LSE): Real Realism about Migration. On the normative issues surrounding borders and migration: Shelley Wilcox reviews Migration in Political Theory: The Ethics of Movement and Membership, ed. Sarah Fine and Lea Ypi. Alex Sager reviews Strangers in Our Midst: The Political Philosophy of Immigration by David Miller (and more).

Anne McNevin on borders and the politics of mourning. Movement as political act: Dominic Davies reviews Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move by Reece Jones.

Fouad Bou Zeineddine (Kwa-Zulu Natal) and Felicia Pratto (UConn): The Need for Power and the Power of Need: An Ecological Approach for Political Psychology. Too many, too many: Zygmunt Bauman and the revolutionary act of leaving. Jacob Soll on how think tanks became engines of royal propaganda — and what their French origins, and their waning and rising relevance to the power structures over the centuries, say about the new Washington. Trump’s immigration order means bureaucrats have to decide who’s a “real” Christian. Don't worry about the companies Trump attacks on Twitter — they're doing just fine. The stock market is starting to ignore Trump's tweets. In Mexico, the crowd loves to hate pro wrestler who plays Trump supporter.

Act One, Scene One: At the start of February who will say that the alarm felt by so many on 8 November was exaggerated? Experts in authoritarianism see troubling patterns emerging under Trump administration. Trump's fictional crises and the real threats to American democracy: The president is using the institutional mechanisms designed to preserve democracy to undermine constitutional order. Trump is now attacking all the institutions that could limit his power later. Don't forget George W. Bush had authoritarian tendencies, too: With luck, there will not be an incident like 9/11 during the Trump presidency — that's the authoritarian emergency for which we must all prepare. Jack Balkin on how to tell if you are in a constitutional crisis.

From the Congressional Research Service, a report on constitutional authority statements and the powers of Congress: An overview. How to stop an autocracy: The danger isn't that Trump will build an autocracy — it's that congressional Republicans will let him. Never believe the Republicans' B.S. ever again: Their silence on Trump reveals that their Obama-era sanctimony was fake.

Donald Trump thinks he's a strong leader — but that's an illusion. In Trump's fascist aesthetic, dissenters are losers and the photograph rules. Jack Shafer: "Why I'm not afraid of Baby Donald: President Trump isn't a tyrant in the making. He's just a toddler throwing a tantrum". Our part in the darkness: Members of Donald Trump's Administration might be extremists, but, with a view to American history, they aren't an aberration.

Wilbur Ross and the era of billionaire rule: The Commerce pick is key to Trump’s experiment in government by — and possibly for — the ultrawealthy. Trump labor nominee Andrew Puzder said 40% of his workers were once undocumented. Pentagon leader assumes new role: Turning down the temperature on Trump. Why Jeff Sessions is so uniquely dangerous — for millions of Americans, at least. Rule used to silence Warren was created to protect delicate feelings of Senate’s foremost lynching advocate. The patriarchy strikes back: Effectively telling the progressive senator to sit down and shut up, the Senate majority leader played the card of an abuser. Shutting down speech by Elizabeth Warren, G.O.P. amplifies her message.

Ranking the Trump-administration appointees, from bad to monstrous.

Daniel I. Morales (DePaul): Undocumented Migrants as New (and Peaceful) American Revolutionaries. Steven Pincus on how America’s Declaration of Independence was pro-immigrant. Steven Hahn, author of A Nation Without Borders: The United States and Its World in an Age of Civil Wars, 1830-1910, on why America is better without borders. Is Trump an aberration? Aviva Chomsky on the dark history of the “nation of immigrants”. Not who we are: The United States is neither a land of nativists nor a haven for immigrants — our xenophobic impulses and loftiest ideals have been in conflict since the founding.

The making of an American terrorist: Robert Dear shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic and killed three people — did the right-wing media help turn a disturbed loner into a mass murderer? We don’t talk about “radicalization” when an attacker isn’t Muslim — we should. Dylann Roof was not “self-radicalized” — he was part of a racist community. Inside the trial of Dylann Roof: Jelani Cobb on the complicated moral calculations that followed a horrific crime. Republican congressman says white terrorists are different. Signal received: White nationalists ecstatic over Trump’s proposed policy change on terrorism — neo-Nazis, Klansmen and other hate groups always suspected Trump was their guy, and now they're sure of it.

Anton Nijholt (Twente): Designed and Accidental Humor in the Smart Digital Wild. From the Oxford Handbook of Language and Society, ed. Ofelia Garcia, Nelson Flores, and Massimiliano Spotti, here is the entry on Language Ideologies by Jonathan Rosa and Christa Burdick. Susan McWilliams reviews Mere Civility: Disagreement and the Limits of Toleration by Teresa M. Bejan. Eric Posner on why liberals should stop worrying and learn to love cost-benefit analysis. Ordinary Americans carried out inhumane acts for Trump. Early signs suggest Trump's actions are taking a toll on Trump brand. Melania Trump missed out on "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" to make millions, lawsuit says. Melania Trump doesn't deserve your sympathy.

Betsy DeVos may be hurting her cause of school privatization. The battle against Betsy DeVos isn't over: The Senate confirmed the education secretary nominee, but her opponents are digging in for a longer fight. David Leonhardt on Tom Price, a bigger problem than Betsy DeVos (and more).

You’re fired: Liza Featherstone on political discourse in the age of Trump. Against normalization: Ron Rosenbaum on the lesson of the “Munich Post”. Trump isn’t lying, he’s bullshitting — and it’s far more dangerous. White House official Sebastian Gorka: We'll say “fake news” until media realizes attitude of attacking the President is wrong. Fact-checking isn’t enough — to fight the far Right, the media must spread the truth. Unlike all previous U.S. presidents, Trump almost never mentions democratic ideals. Trump White House is leaving the public in the dark — is it growing pains or a plan? Trump wants to be seen as the sole authority for truth (and more). Lawrence Douglas on why Trump wants to disempower institutions that protect the truth. Donald Trump’s dangerous end game: Why the president is accusing journalists and judges of enabling terrorists.

The art of the troll: New tool reveals egg users’ — and Trump’s — posting patterns. As a conservative Twitter user sleeps, his account is hard at work. There must be free speech, even for Milo Yiannopoulos: Despise the alt-Right controversialist all you like, but banning him is doing the work of the far Right. Rosa Brooks: "And then the Breitbart lynch mob came for me: For 15 years, I’ve spoken out against executive overreach — but in the Trump era, even theoretical criticism puts a target on your back". Beware of self-censorship: It takes a whole society to create an atmosphere of fear — elites and collaborators, bystanders and victims alike.

The inert husk of the pundit class is paralyzed — it does not know what to do, it does not even know, precisely, what to make of what has happened.