From New York, Ed Kilgore on the unsettling possibility that the Trump administration is flying without a flight plan. Quentin Bruneau on why we’re not re-living the interwar years — we're back in the 19th century. Is Donald Trump the next Jimmy Carter? Political scientists have argued that Trump represents the last gasp of a failing coalition — but we might be in a new political era altogether. Trump will not be a conventional Republican. George Hawley on how Donald Trump can change conservatism. The “great conservative sorting” has begun: The Trump administration is going to force conservatives into some revealing choices. The fight for the soul of the Republican Party has been canceled.

Democrats in the wilderness: Edward-Isaac Dovere goes inside a decimated party's not-so-certain revival strategy. The first step to electing more Democrats? Getting them to run. Bernard Avishai on why it's not too early for the next Democratic ticket. Sarah Jones on the case against unity: The Democratic Party hasn't earned the right to silence its critics. Don't deride liberals who attended the Women's March — recruit them to radical politics: The possibility of a mass Left movement in the U.S. is now very real. Beyond the usual suspects: Saturday's marches were successful because they rallied millions, not just a small core of activists.

"I have no problem admitting I view politics as a team sport because the other side sure the fuck does, and look what that got them — and, honestly, look what it got all of us".

Bethany Berger (Conn): Kelo and the Constitutional Revolution that Wasn't. Marko Kovic (ZIPAR) and Silje Kristiansen (Northeastern): The Gambler's Fallacy Fallacy (Fallacy). Joan Acocella reviews What the F: What Swearing Reveals About Our Language, Our Brains, and Ourselves by Benjamin K. Bergen and In Praise of Profanity by Michael Adams. Eli Zaretsky interviews Hartmut Rosa, author of Resonance: A Sociology of the Relationship to the World, on the crisis of dynamic stabilization and the sociology of resonance. Compromise does not work with our political opponents — when will we learn? Chelsea Manning’s first column since her commutation, she writes that Barack Obama’s legacy is a warning against not being bold enough.

The Republicans own Obamacare now — how many people will they let suffer? (and more) Democrats should seriously consider this GOP alternative to Obamacare. Senate Democrats call Trump's bluff on infrastructure with a new $1 trillion plan (and more). In his first major TV interview as president, Trump is endlessly obsessed with his popularity.

Martin Wolf on Donald Trump and Xi Jinping’s battle over globalisation: The US president’s rhetoric on trade reads like a declaration of economic warfare. Who’s afraid of the Trans-Pacific Partnership? President Trump signed an order pulling the US out — but that doesn't mean the rest of the world is standing still. Why China will be able to sell itself as the last liberal great power. Donald Trump just forfeited in his first fight with China. Trump is paving the way for China to rule the world: China is now closer to the international norm on issues like trade, climate change, and Israel-Palestine — is this the end of American dominance? John Cassidy on Donald Trump’s New World Disorder.

James Hohmann on 11 stories from President Trump's first 100 hours that deserve more attention (and more). Trump prepares orders aiming at global funding and treaties. A spy odyssey: Can Trump control the CIA? President Trump's rejection of science represents a threat to national security. What President Trump doesn't understand about job creation (and destruction). President Trump wants to kill these 17 federal agencies and programs — the total cost, per American, of the programs said to be on the chopping block is $22.36 per year. Trump's "orders" are essentially memos to his advisers. Trump's flashy executive actions could run aground. Take Trump seriously, the savvy pundits said, but not literally — were they ever wrong.

Trump's delusion about voter fraud is very useful to the GOP. Trump's deep insecurity is fueling his most extreme plans: He's relying on his most loyal advisers and trying to please his most hardcore supporters — because only they make him feel good about himself. President Trump's tweets are not for you. Whatever else you're worried about, rest easy: Financially speaking, things look promising for Donald J. Trump in 2017. Does the emoluments clause lawsuit against President Trump stand a chance?

It's no Trump Tower, but White House has "beautiful" phones. Being president is seriously cutting into Trump's TV time. Trump is a self-deluded narcissist — what on earth does this have to do with fascism?