Aziz Z. Huq and Tom Ginsburg (Chicago): How to Lose a Constitutional Democracy. Thanks to the incoming president, American democracy is in an accelerated state of decay — is there anything we can do? Donald Trump is becoming an authoritarian leader before our very eyes: The administration's many lies should frighten all Americans. Is American democracy strong enough for Trump? The vulgar and the sophisticates: Are our diminished democratic institutions capable of forcing Trump to behave responsibly? Life after trust: Once you lose faith in one institution, you start to lose faith in them all — lessons from Putin’s Moscow.

Why it’s so terrifying that team Trump is unhinged from verifiable scientific fact. Experts in authoritarianism are very concerned about Trump’s first few days as president: The GOP’s unwillingness to rein him in may be the biggest warning sign. Can history prepare us for the Trump presidency? Twenty-one historians explain which moments in history are closest to this one — and what we can learn. Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou on the American Sisi moment. Surviving Trump: Adam Boretz interviews Lewis Lapham, author of Age of Folly: America Abandons its Democracy. Francis Fukuyama on the case against panic (and more).

The US has been downgraded to a “flawed democracy” by the Economist Intelligence Unit (and more). Donald Trump today sets out to make America great again — but what if it was never great?

Stephen Brown (NYU), Yan Lu (Central Florida), Sugata Ray (Florida), and Melvyn Teo (SMU): Sensation Seeking, Sports Cars, and Hedge Funds (“We find that hedge fund managers who own powerful sports cars take on more investment risk”). Christian Davenport (Maryland), Will H. Moore (FSU), and David Armstrong (Oxford): The Puzzle of Abu Ghraib: Are Democratic Institutions a Palliative or Panacea? Gillian Fletcher, Gary Dowsett and Nicola Henry (La Trobe) and Stephen Wood (IDS): Gender, Sexuality and Disadvantage: Intimately Entwined, but Perpetually Divorced within International Development? William Davies on how statistics lost their power — and why we should fear what comes next. America is still the future: Andrew Sullivan writes a love letter to his new country. How hostels have turned backpackers into "brokepackers". Make dating great again: Trump Singles matchmaking site is for President-elect supporters only.

From the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Populism, Paulina Ochoa Espejo (Haverford): Populism and the Idea of The People; and Roger Eatwell (Bath): Populism and Fascism. Pope warns that rising populism could produce a new Hitler. The introduction to Rethinking Antifascism: History, Memory and Politics, 1922 to the Present, ed. Hugo Garcia, Mercedes Yusta, Xavier Tabet, and Cristina Climaco. Paris Aslanidis (Yale): Is Populism an Ideology? A Refutation and a New Perspective. Jason Glynos (Bath) and Aurelien Mondon (Essex): The Political Logic of Populist Hype: The Case of Right-wing Populism’s “Meteoric Rise” and its Relation to the Status Quo. Sahar F. Aziz (Texas A&M): Global Conflict and Populism in a Post-9/11 World. The first chapter from The Global Rise of Populism: Performance, Political Style, and Representation by Benjamin Moffitt.

Eric A. Posner (Chicago): Liberal Internationalism and the Populist Backlash. Did centrism beget populism? Simon Wren-Lewis wonders. Maria Daniela Poli (Konstanz): Contemporary Populism and the Economic Crisis in Western Europe. It's austerity, not globalization, that is making workers in France and Italy unhappy. One way Trump is different from European nationalists. Richard Steigmann-Gall (Kent State): Star-Spangled Fascism: American Interwar Political Extremism in Comparative Perspective. South Dakota lawmakers are showing us that populism is a lie. Eli Zaretsky on populism and Freudian mass psychology: Three paradoxes.

From The Critique, a special section on the theme “Stick It To The Man: A Year of Anglo-American Populist Revolt Against a Changing Culture and an Obtuse Political Establishment”, including Gerald Gaus (Arizona): The Open Society and Its Friends: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?; Suzanne Dovi (Arizona): Name-Brand Populism: Donald Trump’s Political Legacy; Sharon Lloyd (USC): Does Trump’s Election Represent a Failure of Democracy? Rousseau, Machiavelli, and Civic Duty in America; Christopher Beem (PSU): The Burden of Truth: Hannah Arendt, Democracy, and Donald Trump’s Lies; and Joshua L. Cherniss (University): Liberal Understanding for Troubled Times: Isaiah Berlin’s Insights and Our Moment of Populist Revolt.