From Fusion, Ashley Feinberg and Anna Merlan on the conspiracy theories of Trumpland: A compleat and comprehensive bestiary. A brief list of conspiracy theories Sean Spicer would like the press to investigate instead of Russia. Masha Gessen on Russia: The conspiracy trap. How to talk about Trump and Russia without sounding like a conspiracy theorist. Why Republicans can’t find the big voter fraud conspiracy: If the last federal investigation is any guide, the answer is simple — it probably doesn’t exist. Alexandra Rosenmann on the 5 most deranged conspiracy theories from GOP mega-donors’ bizarro climate conference.

Marko Kovic and Tobias Fuchslin (Zurich): Probability and Conspiratorial Thinking. Knowledge in a conspiratorial world: Ori Freiman reviews The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories by Matthew R. X. Dentith.

Having dominated the Democratic Party for years, the meritocrats now find themselves in a state of crisis: Matt Stoller reviews Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? by Thomas Frank and Limousine Liberals: How an Incendiary Image United the Right and Fractured America by Steve Fraser. Does California hold the key to progressive success? The left coast will be integral to the 2018 and 2020 elections. Can the Democrats still count on a demographic advantage? Against literary nationalism: Writers in the US must embrace traditions of radical dissent — not American exceptionalism — if they want to resist Trump. Is violent political protest ever justified?

It’s time to drop the vagina as a protest symbol: What really unites all women is the presumption of incompetence. March, huddle, fight: Why feminism is back in a big way. How American women gained, lost, and are regaining their collective voice: Women have been far more prominent in American politics throughout history than conventional wisdom might suggest.

Kathleen Sebelius knows better than anyone how Trump can still mess with Obamacare. The Republican Party’s deadly policy apathy: Conservative health care experts were frustrated — but not surprised — by Trumpcare’s spectacular failure. One of Trump’s central problems? He doesn’t get policy — the president’s lack of policy knowledge is hampering his administration in several different ways. The beclowning of the executive branch: News paints a grim picture of the state of competence in the executive branch. President Trump has tried nothing and he’s all out of ideas. How Trump can regain the initiative: The resources of a determined president are great, and Trump’s enablers are powerful.

Alice Ollstein on why unified Republican government went rapidly off the rails. Now that Trump’s presidency has failed, will GOP voters finally leave their bubble? They could bury us: Will outrage fatigue allow Trump to survive? The Trump administration has pushed the limits of American absurdity. The third term of the Bush administration: It’s something like rain on your wedding day that the likely core end product of the Trump administration will be massive upper-class tax cuts with a 10-year sunset and neoconfederate judges, granting that the foreign policy will involve fewer ground troops and even more indiscriminate bombing.

Morgan N. Weiland (Stanford): Expanding the Periphery and Threatening the Core: The Ascendant Libertarian Speech Tradition. Daniel Cockayne (Waterloo), Agnieszka Leszczynski (Auckland), Matthew Zook (Kentucky): #HotForBots: Intimacy, Sex, and the Non-human in Digital Spaces of Encounter. From The Monkey Cage, a symposium on the protests in Russia. Wall Street’s new favorite way to swap secrets is against the rules. A judge rules Trump may have incited violence — and Trump again has his own mouth to blame. Could Michael Flynn turn on Trump? In defense of cultural criticism in Trump’s America: Josephine Livingstone on why the arts need a space the state can't touch — and how we get there.

Gibraltar’s future at stake in Brexit negotiations. Spain appears to back independent Scotland’s membership of EU as row over Gibraltar escalates. Just what the hell is going on with Gibraltar and Brexit? Short version — Britain is not going to go to war with Spain, whatever former Tory leader Michael Howard says. “Gibraltar row shows why we have the EU in first place: to get countries to drop nationalist grievances. Without EU, it all pops back up”.

Pavlina R. Tcherneva (Bard): Trump’s Bait and Switch: Job Creation in the Midst of Welfare State Sabotage. Economics gets a presidential demotion: The CEA chairman will no longer be included in the president’s cabinet (and more). Government economists are going to produce statistics Trump doesn’t like — when they do, how will he respond? Trump’s first comprehensive scorecard on the economy could be ugly. The Trump administration is judging itself on the wrong market. Americans feel more confident about the economy — should they? Investors are crazy optimistic, but for no apparent reason. Why are businesses still so giddy about Donald Trump? The economy hasn’t changed much, and Trump may fail to deliver the tax breaks companies crave — but there’s something else at work. Caution signals are blinking for the Trump bull market.

Trump spent his ninth weekend in a row at a Trump-branded property: Tax dollars fund these visits, putting Treasury expenditures straight into the president’s pockets. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner still benefiting from business empire, filings show. House Republicans to Trump: Steal all you want. The prince of oversight: Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz chairs the House’s watchdog committee — but critics charge he’d rather overlook the Trump administration’s infractions than look into them. Trump’s closest aides hail from ranks of financial elite. Stephen K. Bannon, architect of anti-globalist policies, got rich as a global capitalist. Bannon made millions in shaping right-wing thought. Wealth a defining feature of aides to Trump, who ran as friend of working class. 86 percent of Trump counties make less in a year than 27 Trump staffers are worth.

“Small government” conservatism is killing Republican voters. In Trump country, shock at Trump budget cuts, but still loyalty. “He’s a charlatan”: Keith Ellison explains how Trump tricked the white working class.