Let’s stop calling North Korea “crazy” and understand their motives. Return of the Madman Theory: Trump’s foreign policy is so erratic and unpredictable, it might just make the world more stable — for a very short time. As Trump and Kim Jong Un unleash war rhetoric, allies urge a slower hand. Emma M. Ashford on why North Korea might get to keep its nuclear weapons. Max Fisher on the risks of pre-emptive strikes against North Korea. Attacking North Korea: Surely Donald Trump couldn’t be that foolish. “In just 83 days Trump has launched missiles into Syria, moved a naval strike group to Korea & dropped a #MOAB, but Hillary was the war hawk?” Trump craves praise, we praise him for bombings — what possibly could go wrong?

You ever just sit there and think, “man, once upon a time people genuinely hated a woman enough to bring on the Apocalypse”. The week the world almost ended: In 1983, the U.S. simulated a nuclear war with Russia and narrowly avoided starting a real one — we might not be so lucky next time.

Vincent Ooi (NUS): Redistributive Taxation in the Modern World. Lilian V. Faulhaber (Georgetown): The Trouble with Tax Competition: From Practice to Theory. Peter H. Egger (Munich) and Michael Stimmelmayr (ETH Zurich): Taxation and the Multinational Firm. Andrew Keane Woods (Kentucky): The Transparency Tax. Allison Christians (McGill): Human Rights at the Borders of Tax Sovereignty. Bret N. Bogenschneider (Surrey): The Missing Hegelian Revival in Tax Jurisprudence. Scott McLemee reviews Dirty Secrets: How Tax Havens Destroy the Economy by Richard Murphy. Which countries are worst affected by tax avoidance?

Trump’s got a new favorite Steve: As the president cools on Steve Bannon, his deputy Stephen Miller is cultivating relationships with other members of Trump’s coterie. If Trump fired Bannon, would he seek revenge? Friends and foes imagine his options for brutal payback. If Trump fires Steve Bannon, he might regret it: Why a fired Steve Bannon could wreak havoc on Trump’s presidency. Is Bannon doomed? It hardly matters — Jeff Sessions is much better at white nationalism anyway. Trump’s pivot is real — he’s more right-wing than ever: Goldman Sachs runs the economy; Jeff Sessions runs civil rights. Within Trump’s inner circle, the moderate voice of Gary Cohn captures the president’s ear.

Trump reversals hint at Wall Street wing’s sway in White House over the populists. A lesson for Trump’s intellectual vanguard: The president’s early backers saw him as an ideological soulmate — that ideology seems to be lacking. Trump’s base turns on him: Steve Bannon’s downgrade is just one of many complaints — “We expect him to keep his word, and right now he’s not keeping his word”. Trump fought the Blob and the Blob won: Daniel Drezner on what explains Trump’s rejection of all of his campaign pledges. Does Donald Trump have any core principles? For Trump, a steep learning curve leads to policy reversals. Jeffrey Frank on the non-transformation of Donald J. Trump.

Scott A. Cohen and Paul Hanna (Surrey) and Stefan Gossling (Lund): The Dark Side of Business Travel: A Media Comments Analysis. Julie Wartell, Jesus M. Barajas, and Geoff Boeing (UC-Berkeley): Neighborhood Change, One Pint at a Time: The Impact of Local Characteristics on Craft Breweries. Ted M. Sichelman (San Diego): Patents, Prizes, and Property. We committed intellectual suicide after 9/11: Rafia Zakaria interviews Pankaj Mishra, author of Age of Anger: A History of the Present (and more). Virtual Library of Babel makes Borges’s infinite store of books a reality — almost. Trump’s patriarchal counter-revolution: Sexism is making a comeback under the president and his heavily male administration, sparking a renewed war over gender equality.

The United scandal has a message for Democrats: Americans want consumer protection. The progressive agenda now: Jobs and Medicare for all. How California hopes to undo Trump: America’s mega-state is now clearly its leftmost, too — and on social insurance, climate change, and immigrant rights, it has more capacity and desire to defeat Republican reaction than any other institution. “Resistance” and liberal activism: Liz Scheer on the problems with using the word “resist”. Opposing everything is the wrong way to stop Trump: Progressives argue that blocking Republicans is the best way to make an electoral comeback — but Democrats need to be more clever than that.

The Kansas special election is a lesson to Democrats: The Democratic Party needs to stop this infighting. Inside the grassroots movement to groom a new generation of Democratic candidates. Three futures for the Democratic Party: Macabe Keliher on the party beyond Hillary and Bernie. Prophets of deceit: Nicholas Baer and Maggie Hennefeld on post-truth politics and the future of the Left. Michele Bachmann: Liberals are letting the Antichrist come to power.

Ambassador’s tweet accidentally reveals that Trump is violating the Constitution: This is why the emoluments clause is important. Donald Jr. admits there is no barrier between President Trump and his businesses. Donald Trump’s travel expenses in 10 weeks cost US taxpayers as much as Barack Obama spent in two years. Donald Trump’s lifestyle could cost taxpayers nearly $1 billion. Karen Yourish and Troy Griggs track the president’s visits to Trump properties. Trump kids push for changes to White House policies to maximize profitability of Trump brand. Trump’s White House is a family business — that’s not a bad thing. The case for kleptocracy: The most effective check on President Trump’s worst instincts may be his family’s desire to subordinate public policy to the needs of their brand.

Eric Trump: Nepotism is a “beautiful thing” as he says US President’s children are more likely to speak truth to power. “Ivanka gets a lot of credit for things that don’t actually amount to anything”. Jared and Ivanka are not good people, they are enablers — also, there is no evidence that suggests they have ever actually done anything positive for the country.

Why is Putin’s “private slush fund” courting Jared Kushner? Former UK spy chief says Trump likely owes money to Russia. Are there too many Russia connections to be coincidences? The Trump Watchdog on 116 paths to Putin. We need to know what the intelligence community knows. Marcy Wheeler on Donald Trump’s self-serving war against surveillance: The administration and its allies are using legitimate concerns about America’s spying to distract from the Russia controversy. Of course there’s evidence Trump colluded with Russian intelligence. The Russians are coming, again — why aren’t we doing more? Hayes Brown on how Russia hacked Obama’s legacy.