Here’s everything we know about Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber. ISIS has a strategy to create a media frenzy and news outlets are struggling to disrupt it. Don’t let psychopathic murderers suppress our common humanity. Why the Manchester attack was an attack on girlhood. Why is the president putting ISIS in the same category in which he places Rosie O’Donnell? What Trump reveals by calling terrorists “losers”. Reactions to Manchester bombing show how anti-Muslim bigots are “useful idiots” for ISIS. Of course we could do more to stop terrorism — if we’re willing to live in a police state. Europe may face a grim future with terrorism as a fact of life.

Here is a simple explanation of Trump’s Russia scandal. Trump’s Russia scandal is becoming a corruption scandal. Trump is reportedly building a “war room” to defuse his scandals. We’re far past any question of a cover-up or an attempt to kill the investigation — we have almost too much evidence, too many positive acts. Trump is destroying his own presidency: Trump has no one to blame for his endangered presidency but himself. Donald Trump’s paths all lead down: Here are four things the president capable of anything could very well do as the walls close in on him. How does this end? Four alternatives for the scandal-plagued presidency of Donald Trump.

Trump’s budget is the real scandal. Paul Ryan’s agenda has been a much bigger liability for the GOP than Trump’s scandals.

Trump discovers the dangers of governing at daredevil speed. Trump is trying to run the government like his business — that’s why he’s failing. Trump stokes fears of how he’d handle real crisis: After chaotic, self-inflicted week many fear chaos Trump can’t control. The mercurial presidency: Bob Bauer on Trump and the governing crisis. Trump could damage public trust in government for generations: His actions threaten public trust not just in his administration but in the White House as an institution. Will the presidency survive this president? Trump’s recklessness may force Congress or the courts to constrain him, diminishing the power of the office.

Welcome back to history, America: The truly marvelous thing in historical perspective is not that someone like Donald Trump is president, but that for nearly 250 years we had an America in which it was literally unthinkable that someone like Donald Trump would be president.

Heather Alexander (Tilburg) and Jonathan Simon (NYU): No Port, No Passport: Why Submerged States Can Have No Nationals. Jennifer Gabrys on her book Program Earth: Environmental Sensing Technology and the Making of a Computational Planet. The violence of Erdogan’s bodyguards in Washington DC is Turkey’s new normal. The colonialism of the present: Glen Coulthard on the connection between indigenous and anticapitalist struggles. From the Congressional Research Service, a report on “The Decennial Census: Issues for 2020”. The U.S. census is in trouble — this is why it’s crucial to what the nation knows about itself (and more). Lawrence Mishel is stepping down as president of the Economic Policy Institute — a bittersweet moment for leftist economics.

Trump just released his budget and it breaks a lot of promises. Critics say Trump’s proposed military buildup isn’t happening — wait until 2019, the Pentagon says. Here’s how to tell that Donald Trump’s budget doesn’t care at all about poor people (and more). Trump releases budget hitting his own voters hardest. Trump’s budget is simply ludicrous: The Trump administration has not yet made a significant economic pronouncement that meets a minimal standard of competence and honesty (and more).

Jason Zengerle goes inside Corey Lewandowski’s failed romp in Trump’s swamp. The Trump administration has declared war on the Office of Government Ethics (and more). Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is trying to fill a leadership vacuum in his department by increasingly recruiting financial industry executives for senior positions that come with a perk: A title that doesn’t require Senate confirmation. 20 years ago, H.R. McMaster wrote a cautionary tale — now he risks becoming one. Scandals are making the White House impossible to staff. Your city or your soul: Quinta Jurecic on moral compromise and government service. Trump’s staff are a bunch of special snowflakes who deserve no pity.

Trump’s values are abhorrent to the Federalist Society of conservative lawyers — that doesn’t stop them from helping him. The madness of the Trumpist intellectuals: How can well-read thinkers continue to defend the abrupt, absurd decisions of a leader who doesn’t read at all?

Trump’s biggest boosters are beginning to doubt the Donald. Trump loyalists pay little heed to revelations rocking DC (and more). Fox News is preventing the GOP from inoculating itself against Trump. Will Trump be removed from office? White House aides begin looking for new jobs during Russia scandal. If you work for Trump, it’s time to quit (and more). G.O.P. highlights alternate legislative universe as Trump’s woes pile up. GOP fears Trump will take the Republican Party down with him. Republicans are as tainted by the Russia scandal as Trump. Brennan’s explosive testimony just made it harder for the GOP to protect Trump.

What’s the matter with Republicans? Given the character of the Republican Party, we’d be well on the way to autocracy if the man in the White House had even slightly more self-control.

Is that a Democratic tsunami taking shape for 2018? It’s way too early to speculate about the 2018 midterms — so let’s get started. Will the reality of Trump reverse the black turnout slump? David Leonhardt on how Democrats can get their mojo back. Potential 2020 candidates are already spending big on online ads — here’s why. The 2020 Democratic showcase: 5 takeaways. Can Cory Booker win over progressives? The rising star seemed destined to be a 2020 contender — but the populist wave and Trump resistance threaten to stall his ascent. What can Sherrod Brown do for the Democratic Party? Democrats divide on Bernie’s 2020 plans: Many are furious that Sanders appears to be running for president again, or planning to drag out his decision on whether to run.

Eric Brandom (Kansas State): Violence in Translation: Georges Sorel, Liberalism, and Totalitarianism from Weimar to Woodstock. Richard M. Hutchings (ICHT) and Marina La Salle (Vancouver Island): Archaeology as State Heritage Crime. Jan-Werner Moller the CEU and Hungary’s war on education. Dave Zirin on a lynching on the University of Maryland campus. Christina Cauterucci on how the Skimm, a chic news digest for women, is the newsletter version of Ivanka Trump. Alex Jones’s media empire is a machine built to sell snake-oil diet supplements. Alex Jones will never stop being Alex Jones. Tom Hanks is fed up with NFL billionaires scamming taxpayers for stadiums. The first chapter from Decolonization: A Short History by Jan C. Jansen and Jurgen Osterhammel.

The Supreme Court’s big racial gerrymandering decision, explained. Clarence Thomas miraculously joins Supreme Court ruling against North Carolina gerrymandering.

What kind of deal is Trump making with Saudi Arabia? Fred Kaplan on Trump’s dangerous plan to back the Sunni Arab states against Iran. Zeeshan Aleem on why Trump’s subtle mistake during his important Islam speech is so revealing: The difference between “Islamic” and “Islamist” matters. Trump’s Muslim tolerance extends only to autocrats. How Trump got comfortable with Saudi religious extremism. Anne Applebaum on Trump’s bizarre and un-American visit to Saudi Arabia. Margaret Hartmann on the most bizarre moments from Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia. Trump’s first foreign trip is all downhill from here. #atweetforeveryoccasion

The incompetent, race-baiting fraud (and the man running to replace him as president): Trump is everything the right wing made Obama out to be. Trump officials: He looks more and more like a complete moron. “People here think Trump is a laughingstock”: On the president’s ill-timed world tour. How foreign nations are preparing for a visit from the first toddler-president. Trump isn’t a toddler — he’s a product of America’s culture of impunity for the rich. Developmental psychologists: Trump isn’t a child — children behave better. Alison Gopnik on how 4-year-olds don’t act like Trump. Trump’s defining trait is his insecurity: Jamelle Bouie on why that should frighten us all.