Vanessa Rampton (ETH Zurich): The Impossibility of Conservatism? Insights from Russian History. Sheila Fitzpatrick reviews October: The Story of the Russian Revolution by China Mieville; The Russian Revolution 1905-1921 by Mark D. Steinberg; Russia in Revolution: An Empire in Crisis, 1890 to 1928 by S.A. Smith; The Russian Revolution: A New History by Sean McMeekin; and Historically Inevitable? Turning Points of the Russian Revolution by Tony Brenton. Was Stalin’s terror his doing alone, or was mass violence an intrinsic part of Bolshevism? An answer in the Soviet archives. The first chapter from Communism’s Shadow: Historical Legacies and Contemporary Political Attitudes by Grigore Pop-Eleches and Joshua A. Tucker. The spectre of revolution: Ilya Kalinin on how Putin will be commemorating 1917.

George Wrisley (North Georgia): Two Dogmas of Zen Buddhism. James Beggan (Louisville) and Scott T. Allison (Richmond): Sexuality in Leadership: A Long-Neglected Topic with Vast Implications for Individuals and Society; and the introduction to Leadership and Sexuality: Power, Principles, and Processes. Tourism in the US has drastically declined since Trump was elected. Quitting the Paris climate agreement would be a moral disgrace. Was the tea party born in this dominatrix’s Indiana fetish dungeon? Scott McLemee highlights some of the new books coming out this fall and winter that are likely to be of general or topical appeal. The introduction to Tropics of Vienna: Colonial Utopias of the Habsburg Empire by Ulrich E. Bach.

The loneliness of Donald Trump: Rebecca Solnit on the corrosive privilege of the most mocked man in the world. Trump, home all alone: “Trump believes he has no responsibility for any of this political trauma”. Feeling threatened, Trump will become even more dangerous. The Bullshitter-in-Chief: Donald Trump’s disregard for the truth is something more sinister than ordinary lying. Trump just fired his communications director — it’s not going to fix anything. Snubs and slights are part of the job in Trump’s White House. The madness and science behind the Donald Trump handshake. Donald Trump, our A.I. president: When seen in the light of pure machine learning (think IBM’s Watson), his behavior actually makes sense.

Trump used to be more articulate — what could explain the change? Why Trump and Twitter are a perfect couple: Meghan O’Rourke reviews How Trump Thinks by Peter Oborne. After the “covfefe” laughter comes the security concerns: Trump’s next Twitter misfire could be deadly serious if his account isn't better protected. “Trump is not a joke. He is a threat. The most menacing individual threat the planet faces by far. See it for what it is”.