From TNR, how Andrew Cuomo keeps the Left in check: There is plenty of room to mount a progressive challenge against the Democratic governor — why hasn’t anyone stepped up? How to lose a fight with progressives: If the party’s “pro-business” wing wants to survive the Democratic civil war, it must learn fast that its money and stature are burdens, not assets. The rise of the internet’s “dirtbag left: How a new strain of progressive leftism is using humour, irony, and diaper jokes to push back against the emerging alt-Right. Liberals can win again if they stop being so annoying and fix their “hamburger problem”.

What is “neo” about neoliberalism? William Davies on how to tell the difference between liberalism and something else. Jonathan Chait on how “neoliberalism” became the Left’s favorite insult. Elizabeth Bruenig on understanding liberals versus the Left. We need to stop arguing about neoliberalism.

Naomi Wolf on the resurgence of blatant sexism: How opponents of women’s rights have gained audacity and degraded American politics. Women’s hope for the future tumbles after Trump’s election. The Women’s Marches in Washington and around the world that day were like a global birth announcement: of both the anti-Trump Resistance Movement the resolutely female political future it promises. Feminists adjust to the age of Trump: Isabel Berwick reviews Bitch Doctrine: Essays for Dissenting Adults by Laurie Penny; The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness by Jill Filipovic; The Mother of All Questions by Rebecca Solnit; and Dear Ijeawele: Or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

John H. Maurer reviews Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap? by Graham Allison (and more and more). Trump, North Korea and shifting alliances: Is this a new world disorder? Trump and Saudi Arabia against the world: This is a formula for disaster on a global scale. Is Trump launching a new world order? Michael T. Klare on the petro-powers vs. the greens. Embrace thugs, dictators and strongmen: Past presidents believed that American power should be used as a force for good in the world — not Donald Trump. Trump has no long-term foreign policy vision — here’s how that’s hurting America. David Rothkopf on how Bush, Obama and Trump ended Pax Americana.

The “global order” myth: Andrew Bacevich on teary-eyed nostalgia as cover for U.S. hegemony. America’s violent century: The last near-century of American dominance was extraordinarily violent — is it coming to an end? Forbidden questions: 24 key issues that neither the Washington elite nor the media consider worth their bother.

Giacomo Delledonne (Sant’Anna): National Emergency. A Facebook post was all it took to undo decades of communal harmony in a small east Indian town. A neo-Nazi storm brewing in Trump country: Can national socialism, repackaged as “white identity” politics, earn votes in rural counties that voted for Trump? A weekend of Nazi dress-up fun in the heart of Trump country. NRA releases another video edging right up to the line of endorsing violence against journalists, this time Iraq war veteran. Hard-sciences magazine goes to the next level: The publication Quanta, featuring in-depth stories on biology, computer science, math and physics, brings new enthusiasm to science journalism.

Republicans give away the game on Trumpcare: Tom Price admits that insurance companies will go back to weeding out the sick. Joe Biden: Americans decided healthcare is for all — the GOP wants to roll that back. Today’s conservatives clearly don’t understand government’s role as an insurer — here’s why. How the White House and Republicans underestimated Obamacare repeal. The healthcare debacle: Paul Krugman on the roles of ignorance and evil. BCRA is dead but Obamacare repeal is still alive.

Samuel Arnold (TCU): Putting Liberty in its Place: Rawlsian Liberalism without the Liberalism. Guillermo Lariguet reviews Tolerance and Modern Liberalism: From Paradox to Aretaic Moral Ideal by Rene Gonzalez de la Vega. From the Niskanen Center, Michelle A. Schwarze on why liberalism needs resentment; and Andrew Sabl on liberalism beyond markets: “That some will find their advantage and their purpose through social institutions other than the market is both natural and completely legitimate”. Is liberalism in danger? Jacob T. Levy says that the collapse of trust in institutional norms is what’s responsible for a new era of Trump-style authoritarian, “closed-society” populist politics here in America and around the globe.

Lawrence J. Trautman (Western Carolina): The Crumbling Ethical Foundation of Donald Trump’s Presidency. From Lawfare, Bob Bauer on the political defense and ethics of Donald Trump. The Republicans’ morally bankrupt response to Trump’s Russia scandal. Why Trump’s Russia scandal will only get worse. You should care about the Trump-Russia scandal: It’s not a distraction — it’s about holding the president accountable to the public and not his bottom line. The dots are never going to connect: What Russians understand about the Russia scandal that Americans don’t. Republicans used to compare talking to Moscow to talking to Hitler — Trump’s startling new tweet shows that’s changed.

“The speed with which we've gone from “no collusion’ to ‘collusion isn’t bad and is, in fact, desirable’ is kind of breathtaking”. Donald’s Pravda: Trump and his apologists spookily echo Vladimir Putin. How has supporting Trump worked out for Russia?

From Jacobin, Jason Farbman interviews Vivek Chibber on precarity and the changing composition of the working class, how socialists should think about unions, how the Left can get off the college campuses and into the workplaces and streets, and more. From The Nation, Rich Yeselson on books about the challenges of organizing in 21st-century America. Dylan Matthews on how Europe could have the secret to saving America’s unions. Does it matter who the secretary of labor is? Elisabeth Jacobs on why enforcing U.S. labor standards may be more important than ever. Erik Loomis on Democrats and labor: Frenemies forever?

Trump takes steps to undo Obama legacy on labor. Despite populist rhetoric, Trump is poised to preside over a crackdown on unions. Under Trump, worker protections are viewed with new skepticism. How Trump made wage theft routine: Undocumented immigrant workers now fear reporting their victimization to the authorities. Trump’s sleight of hand will bring ruin to American workers.

Jahara W. Matisek (Northwestern): American Civil-Military Relations since George Washington: Has Donald Trump Changed the Dynamic? Trump delegates troop decisions, to praise and concern. Trump doesn’t micromanage the military — but that could backfire. How Trump is empowering the military — and raising some eyebrows. Trump is a commander in chief who doesn’t command. The Trump doctrine in Afghanistan: Let the generals handle it. Why “Mattis in charge” is a formula for disaster. President Trump has abdicated the office of commander-in-chief: It is irresponsible to give too much power to generals, but that is exactly what this White House has done.

Ajay K. Mehrotra (Northwestern): A Bridge Between: Law and the New Intellectual Histories of Capitalism. John Grahl reviews Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crises by Anwar Shaikh. An interview with Ivan Ascher, author of Portfolio Society: On the Capitalist Mode of Prediction (and part 2). The radical imagination: Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou and Chiara Bottici on imagining the future in financial capitalism. Richard A. Epstein (NYU): Smart Consequentialism: Kantian Moral Theory and the (Qualified) Defense of Capitalism. From Fast Company, are you ready to consider that capitalism is the real problem? Annie Lowrey on why the phrase “late capitalism” is suddenly everywhere.

Nicholas Stephanopoulos (Chicago): The Causes and Consequences of Gerrymandering. Jacob Eisler (Cambridge): Partisan Gerrymandering and the Illusion of Unfairness. Gerrymandering is unfair and unjust: The Supreme Court has considered political gerrymandering cases several times before, but it has yet to take a stand. The Supreme Court is in no hurry to protect voters from gerrymandering. The research that convinced SCOTUS to take the Wisconsin gerrymandering case, explained. A report finds gerrymandering gave Republicans advantage in House, state elections. Erica Klarreich on how to quantify (and fight) gerrymandering.