William Clare Roberts (McGill): What Was Primitive Accumulation? Reconstructing the Origin of a Critical Concept. Onur Ulas Ince (SMU): Between Equal Rights: Primitive Accumulation and Capital’s Violence. Jason W. Moore (Binghamton): The Capitalocene, Part II: Accumulation by Appropriation and the Centrality of Unpaid Work/Energy. Hershey H. Friedman and Linda Weiser Friedman (CUNY) and Sarah Adel (Rutgers): Conscious Capitalism vs. Rapacious Capitalism: Lessons from King Leopold II. Rahel Jaeggi (Berlin): What (if Anything) Is Wrong with Capitalism? Dysfunctionality, Exploitation and Alienation: Three Approaches to the Critique of Capitalism.

From Breac: A Digital Journal of Irish Studies, where did the liberalism end and the conservatism begin? Aidan Beatty reviews Edmund Burke and the Conservative Logic of Empire by Daniel O’Neill. Eric Schliesser on two styles of conservatism; or is conservatism a philosophical tradition? Jon Baskin on the academic home of Trumpism: This little circle of SoCal Straussians became the intellectual hub of Trumpism. Why conservative intellectuals are pledging loyalty to General Trump: They believe liberalism is an enemy that must be destroyed at all costs. The Great Nope: A look at how conservatism has degraded in a very short period from representing the party of ideas to vulgar Breitbartism.

How conservatives awoke to the dangers of Sean Hannity. George Will comes to grips with conservatism’s “scowling primitives”. Nancy LeTourneau on what happens when you add projection to gaslighting: “They’re taking what we’ve all observed about Trump’s behavior and projecting it onto those who would hold him accountable”. The credo of modern conservatism: “They’re laughing at us”. Is the Right’s lack of empathy a pre-existing condition? This is normal: What most of the worst people in Donald Trump’s administration have in common is that they are Republicans — it is necessary for liberals, leftists, and Democrats to actually be clear on the fact that the Republican Party is responsible for Trump.

What is the future of conservatism? Samuel Goldman wonders. The future of American conservatism: Evan McMullin on the GOP, Trump, and what D.C. and Utah can learn from each other.

Why Obama — and every president since Carter — failed to transform the Middle East: Sean Illing interviews Andrew Bacevich, author of America’s War for the Greater Middle East. Arab winter: With Trump’s election, civil society and democratic forces in Egypt and elsewhere have really lost something. The Trump administration’s Islamophobic holy grail: Designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group would cripple U.S. foreign policy and launch a domestic smear campaign. The Arab world’s American savior complex: The Middle East may be cheering Trump’s Syria strike today, but they’ll be cursing his name the next. White House officials push for widening war in Syria over Pentagon objections. How to lose the next war in the Middle East.

L. Chad Horne (SUNY-Albany): Insurance and Equality Revisited. Jack Gieseking (Trinity): Operating Anew: Queering GIS with Good Enough Software. Pat Oglesby (Center for New Revenue): Marijuana Taxes: Present and Future Traps. David Kaye reviews A Question of Order: India, Turkey, and the Return of Strongmen by Basharat Peer. Joseph Heath on Canadian exceptionalism. What Did Al Jazeera do? Amid diplomatic tensions, a great, troubled experiment in news faces pressure to close. Andy Lamey reviews The Moral Complexities of Eating Meat, ed. Ben Bramble and Bob Fischer. Should journalists have the right to be wrong? CNN screwed up — so have we all. Maximillian Alvarez on going underground: Notes from the People’s Summit.

RonNell Andersen Jones (Utah) and Lisa Grow Sun (BYU): Enemy Construction and the Press. A brief history of “lugenpresse”: Used in World War I to attack enemy propaganda, the phrase “lying press” resurfaced under the Nazis and during the 2014 anti-immigrant movement in Germany is now staple of Trump’s rhetoric. CNN boss blames Trump for rising threats towards journalists, and says they are worse than people realise. Trump’s wrestling video absolutely promotes violence against journalists, and he doesn’t care. White House threats to Joe Scarborough may have violated three criminal laws. With Trump’s attack on the press, American democracy approaches a critical moment.

The Right’s new assault on the press is illogical and dangerous. Do Republicans hate the media more than Democrats fear Trump? Mainstream media has the Left in the friend zone. Why some inside the White House see Trump’s media feud as “winning”. Eat the press: GOP strategists want the news media to be their chew toy. A lack of courage: Why the Fourth Estate is rather intimidated by Trump. “Everything that’s happening that is bad is about to get worse”: Charlie Sykes on the rise of conservative media, bursting filter bubbles, and media safe spaces.

Is media coverage of Trump too negative? You’re asking the wrong question. Donald Trump and the rise of tribal epistemology: Journalism cannot be neutral toward a threat to the conditions that make it possible. The media should become a true opposition party: If the press can relinquish its self-regard and battle Trump with Watergate-era gusto, perhaps it might stand for something of value to Americans. Donald Trump is helping the very media organizations he despises: How the president’s war on the press has benefited some of the nation’s biggest news outlets.

From Anglican Theological Review, Willis Jenkins (Virginia): Is Plutocracy Sinful? From National Review, David Alexander on inequality and the fracturing of American democracy: Social cohesion and, ultimately, democratic institutions are threatened by the flawed assumption that inequality is irrelevant. Frederick Solt and Michael Ritter (Iowa): Economic Inequality and Campaign Participation. Matt Stoller on how inequality makes our government corrupt and our democracy weak. Divided we fall: The Founders knew that economic inequality would destroy America’s democracy — so why can’t the constitution save us? It’s not robots or technology or trade: It’s policy that has caused U.S. income stagnation over the past one and a half generations.

Julia Ott on how tax policy created the 1%. Stop pretending you’re not rich: Forget the 1 percent for a moment — it’s the top fifth that rules. How America’s top 20 percent perpetuates inequality: Focusing on the top 1 percent is a mistake — the real class divide is between the upper middle class and the rest of America (and more). Matthew Desmond on how homeownership became the engine of American inequality. Salt Lake snake oil: Mormon money-digging is the answer to inequality? Inequality is about access to public goods, not income. Want to reduce income inequality in the US? Dismantle its onerous system of copyrights and patents — intellectual property is real money.

Yes he did: Joe Klein reviews books on judging Obama’s legacy. The racism obstacle: There are limits to how effectively a progressive populist economics can woo working-class whites. The new working class: Democrats should abandon the specter of the right-wing hard hat, and recognize today’s working class for what it really is (and a response). Why Democrats should support radically simpler taxes. Democrats warm up to new and riskier economic ideas. Why we should stop using the word “activist”: Contesting power isn’t a hobby or a subculture — it’s a collective project pervading all facets of our lives.