From Daedalus, a special issue on the prospects and limits of deliberative democracy, including Nicole Curato, John S. Dryzek, Selen A. Ercan, and Simon Niemeyer (Canberra) and Carolyn M. Hendriks (ANU): Twelve Key Findings in Deliberative Democracy Research; Claus Offe (Hertie School): Referendum vs. Institutionalized Deliberation: What Democratic Theorists Can Learn from the 2016 Brexit Decision; and Ian Shapiro (Yale): Collusion in Restraint of Democracy: Against Political Deliberation. Helene Landemore (Yale): Deliberative Democracy as Open, Not (Just) Representative Democracy. Juan Nascimbene (Buenos Aires): Deliberative Democracy and the Problem of the Commons.

Daniel Layman (Davidson): Robust Deliberative Democracy. Christian List (LSE): Democratic Deliberation and Social Choice: A Review. Robert E. Ferrell and Joe Old (EPCC): The Force of the Better Argument: Americans Can Learn Something from Jurgen Habermas and “Deliberative Democracy”.

Andrew C. Michaels (George Washington): The Patent Lawyer’s Guide to Fascism. Public works funding falls as infrastructure deteriorates. “Virtue signaling” isn’t the problem — not believing one another is. Men have always used “science” to explain why they’re better than women. Matt Hartman is against personal politics: We’ve abandoned politics for consumption. Let’s delete sex-identity from birth certificates. It used to be just a word, now it is a way of life — but is it time to get off the banter bus? BedTimes Magazine, a trade publication devoted to the production of mattresses, celebrates 100 years. A portrait of the cartoonist as a young philosopher: Jeffrey Kindley interviews Grant Snider, author of The Shape of Ideas: An Illustrated Exploration of Creativity.

North Korea now making missile-ready nuclear weapons, U.S. analysts say. Let’s face it: North Korean nuclear weapons can hit the U.S. Is Donald Trump tweeting the U.S. into a war on North Korea? Trump’s harsh language on North Korea has little precedent, experts say. North Korea to US: If you attack us, we’ll respond with nukes. Why North Korea threatened Guam, the tiny U.S. territory with big military power. If you weren’t worried yet, you can start now. Jack Denton interviews Steven Weber on the danger North Korea poses to the U.S. Don’t believe the hype about the North Korea threat: Large numbers of civilian casualties and the loss of several American cities would be horrific, but not existential.

From the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Elisabeth Eaves interviews Siegfried Hecker on talking to North Korea to avert a nuclear disaster. No one should have sole authority to launch a nuclear attack: Leaving the decision to strike to the president alone is dangerous. Over our heads: Dave Denison on dreaming of nuclear war, again. Calm down: We’re (probably) not about to go to war with North Korea. “There’s even one of these for the Apocalypse” (and more).