Sue Zemka (Colorado): World’s End: Temporality and the Anthropocene. Jairus Grove (Hawaii): A Savage Ecology: Peak Humanity, Extinction Events, and the Great Homogenization. What kind of books do you write when you believe civilization is doomed? Laura Miller reviews Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist by Paul Kingsnorth. “A reckoning for our species”: Alex Blasdel on Timothy Morton, the philosopher prophet of the Anthropocene. When will humanity finally die out? End-times for humanity: Humanity is more technologically powerful than ever before, and yet we feel ourselves to be increasingly fragile. Were humans to go extinct, should the species be revived?

Democrats take shots at one another in their hunt for a winning economic plan. Do the new Democratic centrists come in peace? The co-founder of the DLC, Will Marshall, wants to take back red districts, not the Democratic Party. Emmanuel Macron is no model for Democrats: The French centrist is floundering in the polls, a warning for those who want to mimic his politics. Democrats’ focus on identity politics is destroying the party: Isaac Chotiner interviews Mark Lilla, author of The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics (and more and more and more). Did enough Bernie Sanders supporters vote for Trump to cost Clinton the election? (and more) Young Americans are actually not becoming more progressive.

Gil Troy on why the “alt-Left” is a problem. The antifa academic: Nell Gluckman interviews Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook (and more and more and more). Who’s afraid of antifa? It’s not the same as the far Right — that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect more violence. Should we be punching Nazis? “Nazis deserve to get punched. A few sucker punches here and there probably send a salutary message. But it’s not always wise to give people what they deserve”.

Joshua S Braver (Tufts): Hannah Arendt in Venezuela: The Supreme Court Battles Hugo Chavez Over the Creation of the 1999 Constitution. Muslim men in India could once divorce their wives by saying three words — until now. How Donald Trump is driving up health insurance premiums. Dylan Scott on why Obamacare didn’t implode. When Americans talk about Mexico, they completely forget their direct role in creating the violence of that nation. Trump just reorganized the military to gear up for cyberwars: Get reacquainted with US Cyber Command. 20 years after her death, Diana’s legacy is a joke. The courage to speak truth in untruthful times: Louis Jargow on reading former FBI Director Comey as parrhesiastes.

Felix Sater is the third potential channel of Trump collusion with Russia. Timeline of Trump’s praise for Putin while Trump Tower Moscow was in the works. Trump has been lying about Russia and Felix Sater all along. “Again the incredible irony that not a single Clinton/Podesta email was as incriminating as the two Trump campaign emails we’ve seen”. Trump declines to single out Russia as “security threat”.

Donald was a creep — too bad Hillary couldn’t say it. 10 similarities in David Duke’s and Pres. Trump’s unscripted remarks on Charlottesville. Carrie Cordero on when the president attacks the press. Donald Trump’s telling change to the Oval Office. Trump vents in Oval Office, “I want tariffs. Bring me some tariffs”. Trump is a 19th-century president facing 21st-century problems. Is Trump failing or succeeding? He can’t make up his mind. Trump may be more dangerous than his handlers realized. Republicans are asking a horrific question: Is our president insane? Face it: Trump is the man in America’s mirror. Trump’s favorite part of being president: Posing for photos. It’s time: Congress needs to open a formal impeachment inquiry.

“I hope you live a long time in a tremendous amount of pain. In your cell. You are the worst”.

Clifford J. Villa (New Mexico): Is the “Act of God” Dead? Denis Binder (Chapman): The Human Risk in the Natural Environment. Zachary Bleemer (UC-Berkeley) and Wilbert Van der Klaauw (FRBNY): Disaster (Over-)Insurance: The Long-Term Financial and Socioeconomic Consequences of Hurricane Katrina. Why didn’t Houston evacuate ahead of Hurricane Harvey? Thread: “A Houston floodsplainer”. Why Houston was so underprepared for Hurricane Harvey. The “500-year” flood, explained: Harvey is an unprecedented disaster made worse by poor planning. Jia Tolentino on Hurricane Harvey, and public and private disaster in Houston. Here’s Ted Cruz trying to explain away requesting federal aid for Harvey after voting against Sandy aid.

From Vox, how global warming likely made Harvey much worse, explained by a climatologist; and climate change did not “cause” Harvey, but it’s a huge part of the story. Harvey is what climate change looks like. After Hurricane Harvey, Republicans have no excuses for inaction on climate. Dean Baker on Houston, Bangladesh, and global warming.

There’s an “unbearable” chemical smell hovering over parts of Houston, and experts are worried.