Doriane Lambelet Coleman (Duke): Sex in Sport. Emily Bartlett and Nancy Leong (Denver): Sex Segregation in Sports as a Public Health Issue. Nancy Leong (Denver): Against Women’s Sports. Sex discrimination in sport: A challenge also for states with high standards of human rights protection? Full frontal feminism: Susan Ware on why Billie Jean King made history in the Battle of the Sexes. John Carr (New Mexico): Skateboarding in Dude Space: The Roles of Space and Sport in Constructing Gender Among Adult Skateboarders. Ricard W. Jensen and Yam B. Limbu (Montclair State) and Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi (Kean): How Does the Stadium Atmosphere at a College Football Game Affect Behavioral Intentions Across Gender Lines? The Mediating Role of Spectator Satisfaction.

Howard S. Schwartz (Oakland): Four Principles of Political Correctness. Nancy LeTourneau on Trump’s colossal failure on trade. Jeet Heer on Trump’s white nationalist foreign policy. Worried about Trump’s volatility, a Senate panel discusses his authority to use nuclear weapons. Retired U.S. general says a Trump nuclear launch order can be refused. Don’t count on the cabinet to stop a Trump-ordered nuclear strike. Sessions: I can remember only the parts of 2016 that exonerate me. Behold, Rep. Louie Gohmert’s amazing flow chart revealing cast left-wing conspiracy. State attorneys general have taken off as a partisan force in national politics. Mike Shields on how the advertising industry has been living a lie.

What would Democrats do if their Senate majority hinged on a child molester? House of Representatives has a sexual harassment policy — but it’s designed to protect the harasser. Roy Moore challenged Alabama law that protects rape victims, documents reveal. If Republicans believe Roy Moore’s accusers, why not Trump’s? Rebecca Solnit: Let this flood of women’s stories never cease.

Pal Wrange (Stockholm): Does Who Matter? The Various Forms of Authority to Use Military Force. War or peace: Naz Modirzadeh on why international law may not have the answer. Richard Marshall interviews Helen Frowe on understanding defensive killing. Mohamed S. Helal (OSU): The Unknown Unknowns of Humanitarian War. Alaa Al Aridi (Vilnius): How Hybrid Is Modern Warfare? Andrei Miroiu on armed groups: Problems of theory and classification. What gets called “civil war”? Linda Colley reviews Civil Wars: A History in Ideas by David Armitage. The Internet is changing civil wars — watch out for these five trends. Why it’s no longer possible for any country to win a war.

From Essays in Philosophy, a special issue on war and moral psychology. Helen Frowe on Marine A and the morality of killing in war. Dusko Peulic on pacifism as an ethical response to war and political violence. Information technology can help build peace — this is how.