After eight years on the sidelines, the Federalist Society is primed to reshape the courts under Trump. Trump is rapidly reshaping the judiciary — here’s how. Donald Trump is remaking the federal courts in his own image. Unqualified nominee Brett Talley is just the beginning of Trump’s efforts to remake the courts. Some of Trump’s judicial nominees may be unfit — the Senate is rushing them through anyway. McConnell preps judicial confirmation frenzy: The transformation of the federal judiciary has been one of the early successes of Donald Trump’s presidency. The smartest people in Trumpland: The brightest minds in Trump’s orbit will keep his legacy alive and thriving long after he is gone.

Tide of right-wing judges could recede quickly if Democrats take back the Senate.

Shu-Yi Oei and Diane M. Ring (BC): Leak-Driven Law. The lost genocide: Why the United Nations may never be able to prosecute the Rohingya genocide. 25 transgender people have been murdered in 2017, and many of their cases are unsolved. David L. Phillips on Michael Flynn and the Turkish connection. Why politicizing the U.S. Census is dangerous. “Can't make it up: The leading pick to run the Census Bureau is the author of a book called ‘Redistricting and Representation: Why Competitive Elections Are Bad for America’”. Trump’s right to oppose the AT&T Time Warner merger — but it’s for the wrong reasons (and more). The FCC just decided to repeal net neutrality — here’s why that’s really, really bad. “This is an A+ tweet”.

From the New Yorker, Ronan Farrow on Harvey Weinstein’s secret settlements: The mogul used money from his brother and elaborate legal agreements to hide allegations of predation for decades. Willa Frej: What 3 creepy meetings with Charlie Rose taught me about toxic sexism and blurred lines. These are the industries with the most reported sexual harassment claims — most just don’t make the headlines. Gita Jackson on why women don’t report sexual harassment. Why women on Capitol Hill don’t report sexual harassment, explained in 90 seconds. Nancy LeTourneau on the more difficult conversation we need to have about sexual assault. What are the lessons of the post-Weinstein moment? Rebecca Traister and Ross Douthat in a conversation.

When our allies are accused of harassment: The case of Al Franken shows how painful and confusing it is when the #MeToo juggernaut comes for men we respect. Donald Trump says he’s “happy” sexual assault is being exposed, as if no one knows what Trump is accused of. Margaret Hartmann on what happened to the 16 women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct. A new poll makes it crystal clear: Sexual harassment is not a dealbreaker in today’s Republican Party. Doug Jones can beat Roy Moore, but there’s one big problem: He’s going to have to tone down his rhetoric on abortion if he wants to win over evangelicals. Kimberly A. Hamlin on Roy Moore and the revolution to come: Women are rising - will they be able to create lasting change?