From Vox, North Korea says it’s ready to negotiate with the US — but don’t get too excited yet; and Zack Beauchamp on the case for — and against — Trump’s North Korea policy. North Korea says it’s willing to denuclearize — the ball is now in Trump’s court. The rising risk of nuclear war under Trump: The president and the Pentagon have different national-security doctrines, but they’ve found a dangerous common ground. Gaming out lunatics, Charles Manson and Kim Jong-un: John C. Hulsman on the problems of assessing “madness”. Jung H. Pak on the education of Kim Jong-un. Why North Korea will never attack the United States.

Everyone who works for a living is labor — so why are we getting our asses kicked? Arguments pitting white-collar against blue-collar unions are full of holes. White-collar unionization is good for all workers. Michelle Chen on how millennials are keeping unions alive. The new fight for labor rights: To survive in the twenty-first century, the labor movement needs to rethink its strategy. Organized labor is in a life and death struggle — be very scared. How to halt labor’s slow death. Does labor have a death wish? A year ago, many union members broke with their leaders and voted for Donald Trump — he’s done almost nothing to repay them. Unions aren’t obsolete, they’re being crushed by right-wing politics. How the Right’s war on unions is killing the Democratic Party. Democrats paid a huge price for letting unions die.

Ahmed White (Colorado): Its Own Dubious Battle: The Impossible Defense of an Effective Right to Strike. Sarah Jaffe on the rising ghosts of labor in the West Virginia teacher strike. West Virginia teachers get their raise but Republicans vow to have their revenge. West Virginia shows that we can fight back and win — two teachers assess the tentative settlement and what comes next. Will Oklahoma teachers be the next to strike?

Simon Stow (William and Mary): American Skin: Bruce Springsteen, Danielle Allen, and the Politics of Interracial Friendship. Oscar, were you always so political? The Academy Awards were never just about the movies. Douglas Hofstadter on the shallowness of Google Translate. Will Trump reprimand Kellyanne Conway for Hatch Act violations? Bumbling Trump campaign staffers like Sam Nunberg are haunting the Trump presidency. Why hiring the “best” people produces the least creative results. Andrew Prokop on Nastya Rybka, the escort claiming to have tapes proving Russian interference in the US election. Most resistance does not speak its name: Francis Wade interviews James C. Scott, author of Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States.

Why are Democrats helping Trump dismantle Dodd-Frank? The 17 Democrats selling out on bank regulation is worse than it looks. The lefty Democratic shift on Wall Street is happening for real.

A new, huge review of gun research has bad news for the NRA. Nancy LeTourneau on how identity politics fuels the NRA and white evangelicals. The gun control fight is a fight for equality: The Parkland shooting has sparked another debate about guns — a debate mistakenly siloed from other issues that contribute to deadly violence. Gun violence and the war on terror: Richard Beck on how discussions of terrorism and mass shootings lean heavily on a sense of danger that bears little resemblance to the threats that actually face us. The gun-control debate after Parkland: This time feels different — will things finally change? The media seems like it’s moving on from Parkland.

Students from Parkland and Chicago unite to expand the gun control conversation. They were trained for this moment: How the student activists of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High demonstrate the power of a comprehensive education. Helaine Olen on how the Parkland kids are revealing America’s failings for all to see.

From Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric, a special issue on Megaregional Trade Agreements: Challenges to Distributive Justice and Self-Determination, including Mathias Risse (Harvard): Multilateralism and Megaregionalism from the Grounds-of-Justice Standpoint. A ranting old guy with nukes: Why you should worry when Trump talks tough and stupid on trade. Trump’s tariffs are a scary look at what happens when he actually tries to govern. Trump doesn’t have America’s best interests at heart. Senate GOPers are sweating, but likely won’t act, as Trump threatens trade war. Trump wants a trade war — some of his advisers are desperately trying to stop it. Gary Cohn resigns in protest of Trump’s bigoted comments towards aluminum.