Samuel L. Perry and Joshua T. Davis (Oklahoma) and Andrew L. Whitehead (Clemson): God’s Country in Black and Blue: How Christian Nationalism Shapes Americans’ Views about Police (Mis)treatment of Blacks. Geoff Ward (WUSTL): Living Histories of White Supremacist Policing: Towards Transformative Justice. Violence is what we were paid to do: Eileen Chen on the LAPD and the Rodney King affair (and part 2 and part 3). Symone Sanders on how police violence is gun violence. From National Review, shouldn’t police at home exhibit at least as much discipline as soldiers at war? Andrew Cohen on the ugly truth about police reform in the age of Trump.

Franklin E. Zimring (UC-Berkeley): The Death of the Unarmed Assailant on Racial Fears, Ambiguous Movement, and the Vulnerability of Armed Police. The black police policing our own: Devon W. Carbado and L. Song Richardson review Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America by James Forman Jr. How America became over-policed: Mychal Denzel Smith reviews Fortress America: How We Embraced Fear and Abandoned Democracy by Elaine Tyler May and The End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale. Ben Austen on how one American city chose to tackle crime, combat racism, and reckon with the legacy of police brutality.

Emma Frankham (Wisconsin): How Were Encounters Initiated That Resulted in the Fatal Shooting of Civilians by Police? Writing crime into race: Historian Khalil Gibran Muhammad studies one of the most powerful ideas in the American imagination. Did you know that white people are a terrifying threat to police everywhere? How conservatives use made-up and/or misleading nonsense to justify police killings. Constant police violence takes massive toll on black Americans’ mental health, per study. Unprotected, underserved: Michael Harriot on the (false) criminalization of black America. “Stand your ground” laws give white citizens the kind of impunity that’s usually reserved for police.

Ekow N. Yankah (Yeshiva): Pretext and Justification: Republicanism, Policing, and Race. Militarized policing doesn’t reduce crime and disproportionately hits black communities.

D. Theodore Rave (Houston): Two Problems of Fiduciary Governance. There was another mass shooting this weekend but no one cares. Kavanaugh refuses to say if Donald Trump can pardon himself. Kavanaugh stumbled over two critical tripwires. Kavanaugh will say anything to get confirmed. It’s hard to find a federal judge more conservative than Brett Kavanaugh. Brett Kavanaugh could shatter the alliance between the GOP and the antiabortion movement (and more). Wojciech Keblowski on why public transport should be free. Why is Nike working with Colin Kaepernick? Joshua Hunt on the myth of good and bad companies. Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played an NFL game in 2 seasons, but he just keeps winning.

Manvir Singh (Harvard): Magic, Explanations, and Evil: On the Origins and Design of Witches and Sorcerers. The impotent executive: Trump has torn through some establishment restraints on his conduct, but his weakness is still the major story of his presidency. In 2018, black women like Ayanna Pressley are fighting for political power — and winning. Enough, already, with anything Steve Bannon has to say — we got it the first time. Josephine Livingstone on David Remnick, Steve Bannon, and the revolt against the elites. Some friendly advice for ideas festivals everywhere. Kennan Ferguson reviews Comedy and Critical Thought: Laughter as Resistance, ed. Krista Bonello, Rutter Giappone, Fred Francis, and Iain MacKenzie.

“So. That New York Times op-ed from the anonymous Senior White House official. It’s high-grade seagull guano. A perfect example of how Decency Resistance is designed to shield the elite. Let me explain”. “The short summary of the anonymous White House senior staffer op-ed: We’ll serve and enable an incompetent and corrupt racist, as long as we can carry out our extreme right-wing economic agenda”. “By spreading word that they stood up to the president behind closed doors, these figures hope to burnish their reputations and distance themselves from the stain the Trump presidency leaves on nearly everyone it touches”.

“The problem for the president is it could be so many people”. “By recklessly calling Trump’s attention to the plot against him, the author is undermining its effectiveness”. “Speak in your own name. Resign in a way that will count. Present the evidence that will justify an invocation of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, or an impeachment, or at the very least, the first necessary step toward either outcome, a Democratic Congress after the November elections”.