Here’s what political science can tell us about that Trump-Putin press conference. “This was the nightmare scenario”: The West Wing revolts after Trump embraces Putin. Thread: “A brief history of the idea of an American/Russian alliance to preserve global white supremacy”. How Russians saw the Helsinki summit: Beneath the widespread jubilation over Putin’s triumph, a few folks worry Trump capitulated so spectacularly that it’s almost certain to provoke backlash. Trump is fighting the entire Republican Party to defend Putin. Trump’s allies in Congress are blaming the press for Trump’s performance in Helsinki. The “legitimacy” excuse for Trump’s Russia coverup is a crock. Trump resorts to his usual maneuver when he screws up big time. Trump gave congressional Republicans the deniability they crave. This was “not” what Trump meant to say.

Donald Trump is fulfilling all of those Obama conspiracy theories. Trump is not Putin’s puppet: There’s a better explanation for his fondness for the Russian president. Trump’s stance toward Russia isn’t appeasement — it may be even worse. So Trump is a traitor — what difference does that make to black folks? Stop saying Trump committed “treason” — you’re playing into his hands. Stop calling it “meddling” — it’s actually information warfare. Donald Trump is a danger to us all — Congress, do something. Standards for impeachment: Bob Bauer on Trump’s defense of Putin in the face of Russia’s electoral attacks.

For Republicans, “the dam has broken” — but for how long? When it comes to Trump, “there is no such thing as a last straw” for Republicans. All the times that everyone said Republicans must now stand up to Donald Trump. Why not much will come of Republicans’ outrage at Trump on Russia. Trump didn’t flout GOP norms — he epitomized them. The real problem we face is a Republican Party that’s nearly unanimous in its cultlike attachment to a man who’s an obvious fraud — and possibly far worse.

Amazon’s share of U.S. e-commerce market approaches 50 percent. Amazon’s continuous resistance to collecting sales taxes made it the first major American company to build its business based on tax avoidance — contrary to popular belief, the company is still resisting today. Thanks to Amazon, the government will soon be able to track your face. On Amazon’s time: Amazon has become increasingly reliant on a work scheduling scheme that often coerces workers into leaving their shifts early or turns them away at the door without notice. Amazon workers strike in Germany, joining action in Spain and Poland. Amazon employees are using Prime Day to push for better working conditions. Hamilton Nolan on the only Amazon Prime Day guide you need.

Dien Ho (MCPHS): Love in the Time of Antibiotic Resistance: How Altruism Might Be Our Best Hope. Andrea Onofri (Graz): The Publicity of Thought. A new committee with Lech Walesa, 2018: Leszek Budrewicz on the limitations of the continuing struggle for democracy in Poland. What men are trying to say when they show off their Female Relationship Resume. Who’s afraid of Judith Shklar? Meet the American philosopher who showed that Western politics could only move forward by first taking a step backward. Trump’s overseas adventure becomes a week of “calamitous” events. Body positivity is a scam: How a movement intended to lift up women really just limits their acceptable emotions — again.

Sacha Baron Cohen exposes how deep gun extremism runs in America. Is America insane? British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen finds humor, outrage, and offense in the United States under Trump.

Heather Hurlburt on 7 takeaways from Trump’s catastrophic meeting with Putin (and more and more and more and more). Trump and Putin colluded in public. At summit with Russia, Trump betrays his country in plain sight (and more and more and more). Donald Trump is the new Benedict Arnold. Trump had 5 clear chances to condemn Putin — he declined them all. What hold does Putin have on Trump? (and more) White House: Trump isn’t a traitor, just a cognitively impaired egotist. Karen Tumulty on Donald Trump, the “blame America first” president. How right-wing media reacted to Putin and Trump’s joint press conference. Republicans rebuke Trump for siding with Putin as Democrats demand action (and more). This is the moment of truth for Republicans.

Don’t believe what you hear about the Trump-Putin meeting. Do your Trump-Russia priors need updating? The end of all illusions: Trump said nothing new in Helsink — but his remarks clarified and distilled into a single frame his appalling disregard for an assault on America. Trump and Putin: What we know is damning. It’s time to take Trump both seriously and literally on Russia. Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and America’s “geopolitical suicide”. A global cultural and political fault line runs through the US, Russia, and Europe — with Trump and Putin on the same side of the divide. Putin’s reference to George Soros was a dog whistle to far-right anti-Semites. Asked directly, Putin does not deny possessing “compromising material” on Trump.

Jack Goldsmith on uncomfortable questions in the wake of Russia Indictment 2.0 and Trump’s press conference with Putin. After a stunning news conference, there’s a newly crucial job for the American press. The crisis is upon us: There is only one constitutional method to stifle Donald Trump’s renegade presidency. “Political theory proving its relevance”.

Romy Jaster (Berlin) and David Lanius (KIT): What is Fake News? Axel Gelfert (TU Berlin): Fake News: A Definition. Lili Levi (Miami): Real “Fake News” and Fake “Fake News”. Philosophers on fake news: Haeun Kim on Arendt and Foucault on power and truth in media politics. Robert B. Talisse on how there’s no such thing as fake news (and that’s bad news). Joshua Habgood-Coote (Bristol): Stop Talking about Fake News! Ari Ezra Waldman (NYLS): The Marketplace of Fake News. Matteo Monti (SSSA): The New Populism and Fake News on the Internet: How Populism Along with Internet New Media is Transforming the Fourth Estate. The grim conclusions of the largest-ever study of fake news.

Gordon Pennycook (Yale) and David G. Rand (Yale): Lazy, Not Biased: Susceptibility to Partisan Fake News is Better Explained by Lack of Reasoning Than by Motivated Reasoning. Gordon Pennycook, Tyrone Cannon, and David G. Rand (Yale): Prior Exposure Increases Perceived Accuracy of Fake News. Gleb Tsipursky and James Mulick (OSU) and Fabio Votta (Stuttgart): Fighting Fake News with Psychology: The Pro-Truth Pledge. Abby K. Wood and Irina Dykhne (USC) and Ann M. Ravel (UC-Berkeley): Fool Me Once: Regulating “Fake News” and Other Online Advertising.

Mike Ananny on Facebook, facts, and the problem with “a marketplace of ideas”. Mark Zuckerberg lays out Facebook’s 3-pronged approach to fake news. Facebook may have finally found a way to deal with fake news. Facebook proves it isn’t ready to handle fake news.

Pranked conservatives squeal: Sacha Baron Cohen fake-newsed us! Sacha Baron Cohen teaches the Right what fake news really is.

From Congressional Research Service, a report on Justice Anthony Kennedy: His Jurisprudence and the Future of the Court; a report on Supreme Court Nominations, 1789 to 2017: Actions by the Senate, the Judiciary Committee, and the President; a report on President’s Selection of a Nominee for a Supreme Court Vacancy: Overview; and a report on Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings for a Supreme Court Nominee: Overview. Kavanaugh paper chase threatens to draw out confirmation battle. We measured Brett Kavanaugh’s likely impact on the Court. Why are GOP lawyers different? The Federalist Society has held sway because a large segment of GOP voters care way more about the Supreme Court than they do about foreign policy.

Democratic voters want to see a fight against Brett Kavanaugh — Democratic officials worry there’s not much to do. This is how Senate Democrats should try to stop Brett Kavanaugh. Red-state Democrats’ fears over Kavanaugh vote may be overblown. We are all Supreme Court skeptics now.

The U.S. Senate is facing a legitimacy crisis: America’s House of Lords is about to decide the future of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court doesn’t need 9 justices — it needs 27.

Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff): Intellectual Humility as Attitude; and Intellectual Servility and Timidity. FEMA was sorely unprepared for Puerto Rico hurricane, report says. An 11-million-ton iceberg is threatening a tiny village in Greenland. Can Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez save the planet? In with the out crowd: Steve Lagerfeld on contrarians, alone and together. There’s no use debating a feeling: It’s time to change how we engage with Jordan Peterson. Can Erdogan make Turkey “great and powerful” again? Scott Pruitt can’t escape his investigations just because he resigned. Scott McLemee reviews some forthcoming titles — hypertopical and otherwise — about which readers might want to know. Annie Lowrey on how Trump should just give people money.

Uncertainty made Russia 2018 the best World Cup in decades. Dhruva Jaishankar on how the World Cup exposes the limits of globalization. Delight and disgust: Casey Walker on the contradictions and complicities of soccer. Why does every soccer player do this? Red cards: Football is for people who can accept a loss. Why groups of 3 will ruin the World Cup (so enjoy this one).

From Lawfare, what to make of Mueller’s hacking indictment (and more). “It’s a big FU from Mueller”. The Mueller investigation keeps growing fast (and more). There is always a Trump tweet, DNC hack edition. Republicans respond to latest Mueller indictment with desperate gaslighting. Rand Paul on Russian election meddling: “We all do it”. Republicans want Russia to get away with it. Trump supporters really don’t care about the Russian indictments — do you? Truth without consequences: Robert Mueller’s latest indictment details how deeply Russia meddled with U.S. democracy to aid Trump, but the president still refuses to condemn it. Will Trump keep pushing Putin’s lies about attacking America? Trump is ticking off every box Putin has for him.

Former Fox News reporter warns that Trump team is “still colluding” with the Russians: Carl Cameron says Trump “is enabling the biggest cyberattack in U.S. history” (and more). How to betray your country in ten short steps. The way Trump and the GOP deal with Russian attacks is “textbook treason”. Jonathan Chait tests the case for Trump as Russian asset (and more).

Heather Hurlburt on what to watch for at the Trump-Putin summit (and more and more). What Trump and Putin want from their historic summit (and more). Why American spies worry when Trump meets Putin. “An amateur boxer up against Muhammad Ali”: Washington fears Trump will be no match for Putin in Helsinki (and more). “Maybe he’ll be a friend”: Trump highlights common ground with Putin ahead of summit. Putin needs America more than we need him — Trump doesn’t act like it. Just sitting down with Trump, Putin comes out ahead.

Trump should ask Putin to release Russian political prisoners. Available in Helsinki: The fate of Eastern Europe. Trump opens his arms to Russia — his administration closes its fist. Masha Gessen on Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and the triumph of nothing over everyone.

All United Nations members — except the United States — have committed to a compact for safe migration; it is the first global document to tackle the issue and reduce human smuggling and trafficking. Trump’s comments on European immigration mirror white nationalist rhetoric (and more). Let’s drop the euphemisms: Donald Trump is a racist president. For Trump, failure is the only option: He doesn’t want to fix international institutions, just destroy them. Why is Trump undermining NATO and the EU? He just told us. Trump calls European Union a U.S. “foe”, citing trade tensions. “Evil has won”: Pro-American Germans feel betrayed. Germans fear Donald Trump more than Vladimir Putin, poll finds.

Trump fumed, but NATO members got what they wanted. Europe needs to start planning for a future with no U.S. Things will not be okay: Democratic alliances are unraveling, and global peace could be next.

Christopher R. Rossi (Iowa): The Nomos of Climate Change and the Sociological Refugee in a Sinking Century. One of the most worrisome predictions about climate change may be coming true. John Quiggin on why “extremely unlikely” climate events matter. The Paris climate accords are looking more and more like fantasy. Helena Sheehan reviews The Progress of This Storm: Nature and Society in a Warming World by Andreas Malm (and more). We are almost certainly underestimating the economic risks of climate change. Unpersuasive: Why arguing about climate change often doesn’t work.

“Are we prepared to endure lives with less comfort?”: Eric Allen Been interviews William T. Vollmann, author of No Immediate Danger: Carbon Ideologies #1 (and more). David Roberts on how reckoning with climate change will demand ugly tradeoffs from environmentalists — and everyone else; and on what genuine, no-bullshit ambition on climate change would look like. Tropical depressions: Sam Kriss and Ellie Mae O’Hagan on climate change and human futilitarianism. Warming world: Joshua Busby on why climate change matters more than anything else.