Li Zhou interviews 10 legal experts on the future of Roe v. Wade after Kennedy. Yes, conservatives will try to undo Roe v. Wade — the only question is how. Quinta Jurecic on the travel ban decision and the ghost of Korematsu. The Supreme Court looks away: With Justice Kennedy’s retirement, the willingness of the Supreme Court to support the powerless against the powerful seems to be in even greater doubt. Remember: The Supreme Court is on the ballot in every federal election. Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick can be blocked. Court-packing, Democrats’ nuclear option for the Supreme Court, explained. How to end the judicial confirmation wars: Political norms surrounding the courts are broken, but new rules could restore balance to the process.

Welcome to Florida’s political Tomorrowland: Republicans’ political future looks a lot like this vibrant, fast-growing, Trump-friendly retirement community outside of Orlando. As Trump jails little children, House Republicans intensify their probe of Hillary Clinton. Steve King is a racist, and conservatives don’t want to talk about it. The Devil and Tom Donohue: Conservatives made an evil bargain, and evil is collecting its debts. Evangelical Christians are now backing an actual pimp in a Nevada election. Rubio explains why Republicans will never criticize Trump. The GOP is Trump’s personality cult — could Democrats do the same?

From Congressional Research Service, a report on Trade Deficits and U.S. Trade Policy. It sure looks like China’s preparing for a trade war with the US. “We will not back down”: Canada strikes back at US tariffs. Trump versus the hog-maker: Harley-Davidson vrooms off to the trade war. Ahead of NATO meeting, Trump takes aim at key international alliances — and add the World Trade Organization to the list of Trump targets. A leaked draft bill ordered by President Trump would see the U.S. effectively abandon the WTO. Trump’s “NATO is as bad as NAFTA” comment is scary. We’re in a lot of danger in advance of the NATO summit next month which will be followed shortly after by a summit with Vladimir Putin. Why Trump shouldn’t meet Putin: Americans should worry when the two men are in any kind of one-on-one negotiation.

Trump: “Possible” North Korea nuclear deal may not “work out”. How Trump could revive the Iranian regime: A policy seemingly aimed at bringing about the collapse of the government could backfire. What if Iran leaves the NPT? Iran warns Europe that time is running out on saving nuclear deal. Trump is trying to destabilize the European Union.

The Trump Doctrine is winning and the world is losing. Daniel Drezner on the hidden costs of the Trump administration’s foreign policy: American inaction in foreign policy might not be felt in the present day — by the time we feel it however, it will be too late.

How we watch soccer now: The World Cup shows how money and media saturation have changed the nature of fandom. How GPS tracking is changing football: Joao Medeiros takes the pulse of the technology that could help footballers perform better at this year’s World Cup. Umair Irfan on why soccer players take dives: Lots of athletes fake falls and injuries — but soccer stars have honed the art. Falling men: Alejandro Chacoff on moral panic on the pitch. Russia put World Cup stadiums in some surprising places — this is why. Ian Bremmer on the alternative World Cup you might have missed this summer.

Jonathan Rowson (Surrey): Twelve Perspectives on Jordan Peterson: An Antidote to Allergies and Infatuations. Earth has many more rivers and streams than we thought, new satellite study finds. Ocasio-Cortez scored a victory — for well-designed campaign posters. What’s the scientific value of the Stanford Prison Experiment? Philip Zimbardo responds to the new allegations against his work. Trump appointee guts UN document on racism, says leaders don’t have duty to condemn hate speech. Crystal Marie Fleming on Maxine Waters and the trope of the “angry black woman”. Thread: “Sorry, going to have to devote one more tweet to this line. A RESTRAINING ORDER IS NOT A CULTURAL DIFFERENCE”.

After shooting, will Trump stop abusing journalists? Let’s revisit that conversation about “civility”. Thomas J. Sugrue on white America’s age-old, misguided obsession with civility. Lilliana Mason on how political science explains the GOP’s obsession with civility. American Jekyll, American Hyde: Jonathon Sturgeon on how politeness goes along and gets along with brutality. Yes, defending white supremacy should be costly: The national conversation around “civility” ignores the ugly reality of immigrant children in cages. “You know what happened to ‘civility’? You called it ‘political correctness’, and mocked it”.

It’s official: The Trump administration has replaced family separation with indefinite family detention. How “abolish ICE” went from social media to progressive candidates’ rallying cry. Trump taunts Democrats over calls to abolish ICE: “They’ll never win another election”. “Abolish ICE” isn't about open borders. Nobody knows how “abolish ICE” plays politically - The Washington Post. Abolish ICE? Not so fast, says Congressional Hispanic Caucus in new talking points. Agents seek to dissolve ICE in immigration policy backlash. ICE officers whine that everyone hates them now: “Even the cops don’t like us anymore”.

The conservative revolution: Kennedy’s retirement caps a half-century transformation of the court. It took conservatives 50 years to get a reliable majority on the Supreme Court — here are 3 reasons why. What the new Supreme Court will decide: With Justice Kennedy gone, here’s a preview of the cases the newly conservative court already has on its docket. Constitutional law is about to get an overhaul. A new Lochner era: In the early 20th century, the Supreme Court systematically gutted regulations to favor business and attack organized labor — those dark days have returned. Anthony Kennedy, you are a total disgrace to America: No one expected Kennedy to allow Donald Trump to pick his successor but he has — and it should forever taint his legacy as a jurist.

America after Anthony Kennedy: What Kennedy’s departure would mean for abortion, gay rights, and more. What happens if the Trumpified Supremes overturn Roe and Obergefell. What does Anthony Kennedy’s retirement mean for Roe v. Wade? If Roe v. Wade goes, no woman’s body will be her own. Though Roe changed the landscape of reproductive rights, fundamentally altering the modern perception of a woman’s bodily autonomy, its promise was always just as much fiction as reality. The woman who argued Roe v. Wade on Kennedy retiring: “We thought we had won this”.

Jonathan Swan goes inside the Democratic strategy to oppose Trump’s Supreme Court pick. There can be no resistance without obstruction and impeachment: The debate over what to do about Kennedy misses the forest for the trees. Robert Mueller must finish investigating before Trump gets his Supreme Court pick. Paul Schiff Berman on a better reason to delay Kennedy’s replacement: Presidents under the cloud of investigation should not get to pick the judges who may preside over their cases. Thread: “A president under investigation for impeachment has never appointed a Justice. Not Nixon, not Clinton, not Andrew Johnson. Never. Democrats should make clear that if the GOP destroys this tradition, they will expand the Court to 15 in 2021 without filibuster”.

“Trump ‘wants to see a portfolio of solid academic writing’ from his SCOTUS nominee, though an adviser ‘acknowledged Trump does not care to read it; he simply wants to know it exists’”.

Kris-Stella Trump (SSRC): Social Media and Democracy: Assessing the State of the Field and Identifying Unexplored Questions. Jason Hannan (Winnipeg): Trolling Ourselves to Death? Social Media and Post-Truth Politics. Ari Ezra Waldman (NYLS): Safe Social Spaces. Barbara Fister reviews Anti-Social Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy by Siva Vaidhyanathan. Karsten Muller and Carlo Schwarz (Warwick): Making America Hate Again? Twitter and Hate Crime Under Trump. What happens to our hatred when it goes online? From TNR, does Twitter really want to solve its harassment problem? Let’s make tech CEOs moderate their own hellish websites.

Google autocomplete suggestions are still racist, sexist, and science-denying. “Fiction is outperforming reality”: How YouTube’s algorithm distorts truth. YouTube’s fake news problem isn’t going away. Nicole Nguyen goes inside the ecosystem that fuels Amazon’s fake review problem. Online security is a disaster and the people who investigate it are being sued into silence. Jonathon Sturgeon on the post-text hustle: Internet’s got a fever. Spam is back: It seemed like we had defeated electronic junk mail — then the spammers rose from the dead. The digital ruins of a forgotten future: Second Life still has 600,000 regular users. The story of the internet, as told by Know Your Meme: After 10 years of documenting memes, nobody has seen this much shit.

A new revolution in Mexico: Sick of corruption and of Trump, voters embrace the maverick leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. What turns an outsider into a president? Maya Averbuch on the strange case of Mexico’s formerly defeated Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has promised Mexicans a new country — can he deliver? (and more) Daniel Adler R.K. on promise and populism in Mexico. Ioan Grillo on why Mexico is swinging left. Alma Guillermoprieto on Mexico: A voice against the darkness. To be accidental is to be human: Carlos Alberto Sanchez and Robert Eli Sanchez on Emilio Uranga and the philosophy of Mexicanness. Alvaro Enrigue reviews When Montezuma Met Cortes: The True Story of the Meeting That Changed History by Matthew Restall.

Martin Glazier (UNAM): The Difference Between Epistemic and Metaphysical Necessity. The US is warning the world to stop buying Iranian oil by early November or else. Louise Matsakis on Red Hen, Trump, and the weaponization of Yelp. DeVos has scuttled more than 1,200 civil rights probes inherited from Obama. Gabriel Winant reviews Natural Causes: An Epidemic of Wellness, the Certainty of Dying, and Killing Ourselves to Live Longer by Barbara Ehrenreich. Stanford University launches new blockchain research center. “Bitcoin may in fact be the single most appropriate way for the world to collapse–the combination of grotesque energy use in an era of climate change, speculative New Gilded Age capitalism, and libertarian asshole fantasies sums up so much of our world”.